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(Start) Date Tournament Event Event Rating Place Competitor Club Rating Earned*
06/04/2011 2011 Mr. Ma Cup Senior Men's Foil A4 5th of 78
Cusack, Brendan
10/24/2010 Clinton Fencing Dirty Rat Foil Open - NJ Cup Event Senior Mixed Foil A2 1st of 33
Cusack, Brendan
09/19/2010 Empire Cup 2010 ( Foil Season Opener) Senior Men's Foil A2 12th of 39
Cusack, Brendan
07/31/2010 Clinton Fencing Mixed Open Foil Senior Mixed Foil A2 3rd of 26
Cusack, Brendan
06/19/2010 NEUSFA , Pomme De Terre - INDIVIDUAL EVENTS Senior Men's Foil A4 17th of 100
Cusack, Brendan
06/05/2010 2010 Mr. Ma Cup Senior Men's Foil A3 2nd of 73
Cusack, Brendan
05/14/2010 NJFA 4th Annual Danny Bukantz Open (ROC) Senior Men's Foil A4 3rd of 88
Cusack, Brendan
02/07/2010 FC Foil Open Senior Men's Foil A2 8th of 27
Cusack, Brendan
01/24/2010 Clinton Fencing Womens D & Under & Mens Open Foil Senior Men's Foil A2 2nd of 33
Cusack, Brendan
10/03/2009 Steve Sobel Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Senior Men's Foil 19th of 77
Cusack, Brendan
07/26/2009 BCAF Foil & Sabre Opens Senior Mixed Foil E1 2nd of 12
Cusack, Brendan
06/20/2009 NEUSFA, Pomme De Terre - INDIVIDUAL EVENTS Senior Men's Foil A4 6th of 110
Cusack, Brendan
05/30/2009 2009 Mr. Ma Cup Senior Men's Foil A4 8th of 94
Cusack, Brendan
04/18/2009 Mid-Atlantic U19 (Junior) Summer Nat Qualifier U19 Men's Foil A2 1st of 56
Cusack, Brendan
02/08/2009 FC Foil Open Senior Men's Foil A2 25th of 45
Cusack, Brendan
01/03/2009 3rd Annual Medeo Absolute Foil Cup Senior Men's Foil A2 3rd of 34
Cusack, Brendan
11/29/2008 NJ Division - Junior Olympics U20 Qualifier Junior Men's Foil B2 22nd of 47
Cusack, Brendan
10/26/2008 12th Annual FAP Foil Gala Senior Mixed Foil A3 26th of 70
Cusack, Brendan
10/19/2008 Clinton Fencing Dirty Rat Foil Open Senior Men's Foil B2 1st of 34
Cusack, Brendan
10/04/2008 Nittany Lion Cup Open & PSU Junior Championship Junior Mixed Foil A1 3rd of 15
Cusack, Brendan
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* (Or renewed.) Please note: Rating awards information may be incomplete for some tournaments.