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Final Results: Flagstaff Season Opener 2017

Unrated Senior Mixed Epee:    24 Competitors, a E1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Diederichs, Jimmy E2017 
2   Mai, Brennnan  
3   Thogersen, Sterling  
3   Creekmur, Caelan  
5   Chanin, Liam  
5   Thogersen, Eric  
7   Brewster, Joshua  
8   Werchan, Andrew  
9   Brechtel, James  
10   Heflin, Josh  
11   Cummings, David  
12   Birk, Phillip  
13   Wiegand-Shahani, Braden  
14   Kelly, Brennen  
15   Lynn, Heather  
16   Parrott, Stephen  
17   Fowler, Stephanie  
18   Parrott, Christopher  
19   Gentry, Karsen  
20   Mejia, Tobias  
21   Mai, Hayden  
22   Barquist, Rick  
23   Parker, Lane  
24   Carnesi, Gregory  
Senior Mixed Epee:    41 Competitors, a B2 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Dragonetti, Walter A2017   
2   Herndon, Matthew B2017   
3   Poppre, Michael B2017   
3   Fowler, James B2017   
5   Taesali, Chris C2016   
6   Doyle, Ryan B2017   
7   Scobie, Rory C2017   
8   Riezler, Dominik D2017 
9   Villani, Henry C2017   
10   Vibert, Madeleine D2017   
11   Falk, Ehren E2014  E2017 
12   Foust, Blair C2016   
13   Hauser, Richard D2017   
14   Bui, James B2015   
15   Schwenk, Cody C2016   
16   Munoz, Charles C2017   
17   Diederichs, Jimmy  
18   Chan, Paree E2017   
19   Hewitt, Frank A2017   
20   Milliner, Sean D2017   
21   Ionova, Cynthia D2016   
22   Barber, William D2017   
23   Birk, Phillip  
24   Creekmur, Caelan  
25   Mains, Ashley E2017   
26   Thogersen, Eric  
27   Bryant, Scott  
28   Nalley, James  
29   Thogersen, Sterling  
30   Mai, Brennnan  
31   Wiegand-Shahani, Braden  
32   Brechtel, James  
33   Werchan, Andrew  
34   Mai, Hayden  
35   Katz, Pamela E2016   
36   Carnesi, Gregory  
37   Parrott, Christopher  
38   Kelly, Brennen  
39   Lynn, Heather  
40   Gentry, Karsen  
40   Fowler, Stephanie  
Mixed Team Epee:    5 Teams       
Place Team Members Club
1  Wildcat Fencing
    Fowler, James
    Munoz, Charles
    Schwenk, Cody
2  SWFC Flagstaff
    King, Charles
    Falk, Ehren
    Taesali, Chris
    Foust, Blair
3  ASU Fencing
    Herndon, Matthew
    Villani, Henry
    Milliner, Sean
3  Phoenix Falcons
    Ionova, Cynthia
    Hauser, Richard
    Barber, William
5  Cannon Fodder
    Poppre, Michael
    Mains, Ashley
    Scobie, Rory
Flagstaff Family YMCA: FLAGSTAFF, AZ
* Ratings in FRED are NOT official, and are subject to USFA and division policies. The USFA is the final authority for fencer ratings.