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Final Results: Tune-Up Open Tournament

Senior Mixed Epee:    53 Competitors, a A2 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Nosil, Andrew A2017   
2   Lee, Timothy Seungjoon B2017   
3   Campbell, Daniel A2017   
3   Yi, Kyle B2017   
5   Deucher, Joe A2014   
6   Doan, Joseph C2017   
7   Kim, Ethan S. B2017   
8   Sjostedt, Jacob B2017   
9   Adolphe, Benjamin B2016   
10   Nevins, Rory B2017   
11   Roa, Hernando A2015   
12   Bloom, Samuel E2013  E2017 
13   Yoon, Sungho A2017   
14   Johnson, Miles C2017   
15   Husisian, Hadley C2017   
16   Hoffmann, Christopher B2016   
17   Bedker, Matthew J D2016   
18   Armstrong, James B2017   
19   Kim, Derek C2017   
20   Go, Jang Hee B2015   
21   Adams Kim, Madeline A2016   
22   Zhang, Jimmy C2016   
23   Jia, Jacky C2017   
24   Dill, Travis B2014   
25   Reid, Avo C2017   
26   Dudley, Logan E2015   
27   Plumer, Jack B2017   
28   Hilbert, Xavier C2017   
29   Dickens, Robert A2017   
30   Papadopoulos, Maria A2015   
31   Train, Tim A2017   
32   Valluri, Rohan  
33   Nomani, Shibli C2017   
34   Kang, Dahyun D2017   
35   Tang, Matthew C2017   
36   Booker, La Selle E2017   
37   Gifford, Sally C2015   
38   Boyer, Elizabeth  
39   Cusimano, Keith B2017   
40   Isert, Sarah A2016   
41   McFeeters, Ryan  
42   Campe, Kazimieras B2013   
43   Piccus, Isaac E2017   
44   Chen, Eric  
45   Valluri, Rithi  
46   Foster, William  
47   Kim, Brad E2016   
48   O'Hara, Keegan  
49   Reichbach, Solomon  
50   Alston, Al-Latif  
51   Anderson, Avery  
52   Reichbach, Zoe  
53   Priya-Swaminathan, Aditi  
Senior Mixed Foil:    7 Competitors, a E1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Talagala, Roshan B2016   
2   Gordon, Jacob B2016   
3   Li, Yulei D2016   
3   Pegram, Rafferty C2017   
5   Fadl, Omar C2015   
6   Mahnken, Thomas E2016   
7   Dreyer, Nadia D2016   
Senior Mixed Saber:    3 Competitors, a NR Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Roper, Evan E2016   
2   Do, Trina  
3   Alfadl, Khaled  
06/24/2017 - 06/25/2017
DCFC: Silver Spring, MD
* Ratings in FRED are NOT official, and are subject to USFA and division policies. The USFA is the final authority for fencer ratings.