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Final Results: 2017 IFC Dominick Epee Challenge with Team & Y12

Y12 Mixed Epee:    10 Competitors, a NR Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Shah, Chloe  
2   Rummel, Katherine  
3   Ivakimov, Vasil  
3   Mallavarpu, Aarthi  
5   Spina, Joseph  
6   Corrales, Victor  
7   Jamison, Harper  
8   Glick, Nina  
9   Zhu, Joseph  
10   Raza, Nadia  
Senior Mixed Epee:    52 Competitors, a A2 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Vag-Urminsky, Paul F. A2016  A2017 
2   Gillham, Timothy A2017   
3   Cole, Wyatt B2017   
3   Nowak, Jakub B2016  B2017 
5   Zmyslowski, Maciek A2017   
6   Zhu, Zimo A2016   
7   Wozniak, Sebastian C2017   
8   Oh, Kevin B2017   
9   Malysz, Antony D2017   
10   Conklin, Jim C2016   
11   Kulaga, Peter C2016   
12   Lartz, John A2014   
13   Zeko, David A2016   
14   Sirkin, David D2015   
15   Topaz, Nika B2017   
16   Wozniak, David C2017   
17   Hiller, Conrad  
17   Benyovszky, Barnabas C2016   
19   Robison, Nicholas A2015   
20   Coonrod, Tony C2017   
21   Syed, Saif C2015   
22   Benack, Steven A2016   
23   Woolley, Blake A2017   
24   Stencel, Andrew B2017   
25   Liu, David D2016   
26   Brzezowski, Geoff D2017   
26   Stauber, Evan B2016   
28   Edwards, Ethan B2016   
29   Shapovalov, Anton E2017   
30   Felker, Jared B2016   
31   Smith, Dustin B2015   
32   Swanson, Dave B2017   
33   Cancelo, Jose D2015   
34   Jhangiani, Geeta C2015   
35   Stroppel, Luna B2016   
36   Mendoza, Marco E2017   
37   Miller, Joshua D2015   
38   Shirven, Caleb  
39   Szpak, Lara B2016   
40   Tierney, Luke C2015   
41   Paul, Anna B2016   
42   Kriegisch, Jacob B2015   
43   Barnett, Andrew  
44   Davies, Christian  
45   Palmer, Kate  
46   Dunlop, Dick D2013   
47   Ponticelli, Samuel  
48   Vinel, Shanrae'l E2016   
49   Singson, Benjamin  
50   Coha, Richard  
51   Harrison, Connor  
52   Ponticelli, Jared  
Senior Women's Epee:    3 Competitors, a NR Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Szpak, Lara B2016   
2   Paul, Anna B2016   
3   Palmer, Kate  
Senior Mixed Team Epee:    6 Teams       
Place Team Members Club
1  Laurie Schiller's Resplendent Beard
    Zmyslowski, Maciek
    Zeko, David
    Nowak, Jakub
2  Windy City Fencing 1
    Vag-Urminsky, Paul F.
    Wozniak, Sebastian
    Cole, Wyatt
    Wozniak, David
3  Meme Team
    Zhu, Zimo
    Benack, Steven
    Robison, Nicholas
    Coonrod, Tony
    Woolley, Blake
    Stencel, Andrew
5  Windy City Fencing 2
    Corrales, Niko
    Topaz, Nika
    Wozniak, David
6  IFC Team
    Lartz, John
    Ponticelli, Jared
    Ponticelli, Samuel
Lions Recreation Center: Mt. Prospect, IL
* Ratings in FRED are NOT official, and are subject to USFA and division policies. The USFA is the final authority for fencer ratings.