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Final Results: Three Weapon Olé Open

Senior Mixed Epee:    24 Competitors, a A1 Event
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1 Sahagian, Izzy B2016  A2016 
2 Gelnaw, William (Gypsy) A2013   
3 Fuller, George C2016   
3 Mimura, Shawn D2016  C2016 
5 Hewitt, Frank B2015   
6 Smith, Justin A2015   
7 Mase, Cyrus E2015  E2016 
8 Beihold, Emily B2015   
9 Cairns, Doug B2012   
10 Fernandez, Sergio A2015   
11 Powell, Zachory D2015   
12 Comer, Daniel  
13 Beihold, Jim A2014   
14 Griffen, Emily D2015   
15 Chung, Louis  
16 Saito, Braden  
17 Lee, Richard  
18 Navarro, Eduardo  
19 Mase, James D2015   
20 Fernandez, Lucero  
21 Longstaff, Karen  
22 Rohrer, Brian  
23 Kuiken, Matthew D2015   
24 Gao, Aretha D2015   
Senior Mixed Consolation Round Epee:    11 Competitors, a E1 Event
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1 Saito, Braden E2016 
2 Griffen, Emily D2015   
3 Gao, Aretha D2015   
3 Mase, James D2015   
5 Navarro, Eduardo  
6 Kuiken, Matthew D2015   
7 Fernandez, Lucero D2016   
8 Chung, Louis  
9 Rohrer, Brian  
10 Lee, Richard  
11 Longstaff, Karen  
Senior Mixed Consolation Round Foil:    15 Competitors, a D1 Event
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1 Fernicola, Michael D2015  D2016 
2 Catlin, Adam E2016 
3 Goodwater, Walter C2015   
3 Kuiken, Matthew E2015  E2016 
5 Rohrer, Aaron  
6 Ricard, Jean-Michel  
7 Nguyen, Vincent  
8 Oroudjev, Sasha  
9 Hong, Andrew  
10 Molar, Elijah  
11 Kaplan, Richard  
12 Nichols, Lucas E2016   
13 Eckstein, Harriet  
14 Marmorstein, Hannah L  
15 Freeman, Rolf  
Senior Mixed Foil:    30 Competitors, a C2 Event
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1 Fortner, Lance E2016  C2016 
2 Moore, Keric B2016   
3 Makino, Saiki D2015  D2016 
3 Funk, Theo E2015  D2016 
5 Yamaguchi, Kate D2015   
6 Alderson, Joseph D2015   
7 DiVito, Dylan E2016   
8 McCullough, Russell D2015   
9 Cola, Emmanuelle C2016   
10 De La Cruz, Alyssa  
11 Meinhold, Li  
11 Chan, Kenneth  
13 Sparkman, Kevin E2015   
14 Wharton, Zachary  
15 Ho, Justin  
16 Catlin, Adam  
17 Goodwater, Walter C2015   
18 Fernicola, Michael D2015   
19 Molar, Elijah  
20 Nguyen, Vincent  
21 Hong, Andrew  
22 Oroudjev, Sasha  
23 Kuiken, Matthew E2015   
24 Ricard, Jean-Michel  
25 Rohrer, Aaron  
26 Marmorstein, Hannah L  
27 Nichols, Lucas E2016   
28 Kaplan, Richard  
29 Eckstein, Harriet  
30 Freeman, Rolf  
Senior Mixed Saber:    5 Competitors, a NR Event
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1 Simons, Thomas E2016   
2 Adkins, Chance D2016   
3 Kuiken, Matthew D2015   
3 Wilderink, Christopher E2016   
5 Saito, Braden E2013   
UCSB Multi-Activity Court (MAC): Santa Barbara, CA
* Ratings in FRED are NOT official, and are subject to USFA and division policies. The USFA is the final authority for fencer ratings.