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Final Results: Bay Cup at PEN: JMS4, UMS1, DLXS4, DHXS4

Junior (U20) Men's Saber:    19 Competitors, a B1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   DeCaire, Duncan B2014  B2015 
2   No, Nicholas B2014   
3   Baumann, Jakob C2014  C2015 
3   Lu, Aaron C2014  C2015 
5   Huey, Brandon W. C2014   
6   Zhang, Andrew Y B2014   
7   La Mers-Noble, Julian D2014   
8   Vidovszky, Robert C2014   
9   Oster, Keegan D2014   
10   Mendoza, Jacob Francis D2014   
11   Katz, Eli C2014   
12   Willoughby, Dominic E2014   
13   Jeffry, Robin Bradford C2014   
14   Milgram, Nathan D2014   
15   Vasyakin, Alex  
16   Paluru, Sanjeet E2014   
17   Haq, Khaled  
18   Williams, Lukas  
19   Baldauf, Fritz  
D & Above Senior Mixed Saber:    23 Competitors, a A1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Tobar, Joaquin A2013  A2015 
2   Dalli, Jeffrey A2014   
3   Zhang, Andrew Y B2014   
3   Flores, Gerardo D B2014   
5   No, Nicholas B2014   
6   Thomson, Vernon B2012   
7   Lu, Aaron C2014   
8   DeCaire, Duncan B2014   
9   La Mers-Noble, Julian D2014   
10   Vidovszky, Tamas B2014   
11   Jeffry, Robin Bradford C2014   
12   Baumann, Jakob C2014   
13   Weise, Aaron D2014   
14   Pei, Eric B2014   
15   Vidovszky, Robert C2014   
16   Katz, Eli C2014   
17   Huey, Brandon W. C2014   
18   Kynett, Kathryn D2014   
19   Milgram, Nathan D2014   
20   Oster, Keegan D2014   
21   Martinez, Mario C2013   
22   Segale, William C2012   
23   Dogillo, Jesse D2011   
D & Under Senior Mixed Saber:    29 Competitors, a C2 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Weise, Aaron D2014  C2015 
2   Milgram, Nathan D2014  D2015 
3   La Mers-Noble, Julian D2014  D2015 
3   Paluru, Sanjeet E2014  D2015 
5   Fallick, Ozzie D2014   
6   Meng, Bolang Brend E2014  E2015 
7   Mahoney, Dan E2015 
8   Robertson, Reese E2015 
9   Breton, Maxime  
10   Vasyakin, Alex  
11   Hunter, Kevin  
12   Rehmane, Omar  
13   Haq, Khaled  
14   Willoughby, Dominic E2014   
15   Zhang, Ethan  
16   Kynett, Kathryn D2014   
17   Dogillo, Jesse D2011   
18   Leung, Andrew  
19   Clifton, Nikki  
20   Ang, Alexis  
21   Zuckut, Alex  
22   Jacobs, Callan  
23   Chanco-Everett, Aileen  
24   Rybkin, Alex  
25   Johnson, Ryan  
26   Colgan, Kyle  
27   De Fort-Menares, Rainier  
27   Li, Meichen  
29   Elliott, Carson  
Unrated Senior Men's Saber:    15 Competitors, a E1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Hunter, Kevin E2015 
2   Rehmane, Omar  
3   Leung, Andrew  
3   Zuckut, Alex  
5   Haq, Khaled  
6   Colgan, Kyle  
7   Zhang, Ethan  
8   Vasyakin, Alex  
9   Zakharian, Eric  
10   Jacobs, Callan  
11   Rybkin, Alex  
12   Breton, Maxime  
13   Johnson, Ryan  
14   De Fort-Menares, Rainier  
15   Elliott, Carson  
Peninsula Fencing Academy: San Carlos, CA
* Ratings in FRED are NOT official, and are subject to USFA and division policies. The USFA is the final authority for fencer ratings.