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Final Results: Bay Cup @ CFA: DHXF4, ELMF4, VXF4

D & Above Senior Mixed Foil:    27 Competitors, a A2 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Brousse, Hugo A2012   
2   Schwiebert, Michael A2011   
3   Cheng, Alex N A2012   
3   Lam, Joseph A2011   
5   Zilinskiy, Eduard C2012   
6   Shulman, Mitchell B2011   
7   Litzinger, Miranda B2012   
8   Lichy, Ari C2011  C2012 
9   Fulton, Richard A2010   
10   Knodt, Julian B2011   
11   Huang, Thomas D2011   
12   Vinluan, Rafael C2012   
13   Walter, Henry B2011   
14   Kumbla, Sidarth C2011   
15   Chen, Thomas C2011   
16   Wat, Paul B2011   
17   Cunningham, Scott B2010   
18   Schwartz, Monica B2009   
19   Donnelly, Devin C2011   
20   Vidovszky, Tamas C2012   
21   Fiatarone, Dr. James C2012   
22   Jones, Patrick C2011   
23   Huang, Victor D2012   
24   Mai, John D2011   
25   Hong, Jonathan D2010   
26   Chimento, Jonathan D2011   
27   Harmount, Natalie D2011   
E & Under Senior Men's Foil:    24 Competitors, a D1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Sanjines, Marcos E2012  D2012 
2   Kan, Keith E2012   
3   Raftrey, David E2011  E2012 
3   Ong, Aaron E2011  E2012 
5   Manjunath, Tejas  
6   Hammer, Zachary E2012   
7   Epstein, Jason E2011   
8   Yin, Victor  
9   Brodie, Ian  
10   Biery, George E2011   
11   Sterling, William E2010   
12   Barry, Ron E2008   
13   Mejia, Marco  
14   Fallon, Michael  
15   Qwan, Adam  
16   Escobar, Michael  
17   Chi, Wayne  
18   De Paz, Jaime  
19   Brenneman, Shawn  
20   Goh, Darius  
21   Chan, Sherman  
22   Yang, Terence  
23   Meyer, Michael  
24   Whiting, Joe  
Vet Combined Mixed Foil:    18 Competitors, a B1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Lutton, Tom A2010   
2   Martos, Darwin D2011  C2012 
3   Cracraft, William C2010  C2012 
3   Jones, Patrick C2011  C2012 
5   Murray, Stephen C2011   
6   Sweet, Jonathan C2011   
7   Fiatarone, Dr. James C2012   
8   Estell, Oscar A2009   
9   De Paz, Jaime  
10   Buchwald, Alan C2011   
11   Vidovszky, Tamas C2012   
12   Lee, Stephen  
13   Vashisht, Suparna  
14   Epstein, Jason E2011   
15   Sterling, William E2010   
16   Fallon, Michael  
17   Brighty-Schmidt, Dilys D2009   
18   Sander, William  
California Fencing Academy: San Jose, CA
* Ratings in FRED are NOT official, and are subject to USFA and division policies. The USFA is the final authority for fencer ratings.