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Final Results: Mid Vermont Melee

E & Under Senior Mixed Epee:    14 Competitors, a E1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Grabinsky, Chris E2011  E2012 
2   Jones, Caroline E2011   
3   Yu, Walker (Yinfeng)  
3   Robbins, Nick  
5   Horak, David  
6   Staats, F Lloyd  
7   Seaman, Eleanor  
8   Staats, Lloyd  
9   Glazer, Adam  
10   Ulrich-Verderber, Louisa  
11   Moore, Scarlett  
12   Dregallo, David  
13   Fairless, Elizabeth  
14   Curtis, Julie  
Senior Mixed Epee:    20 Competitors, a C1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Horak, Peter B2011   
2   Brookes, Scott C2010   
3   Young, Chris "Zac" C2011   
3   Whalen, Jared C2011   
5   Treadwell, Charlotte D2011   
6   Lind, Megan C2011   
7   Horak, Paul D2011   
8   Selby, Donald C2008   
9   Robbins, Nick  
10   Schuppe, Raymond C2010   
11   Crocket, Anne C2011   
12   Fox, Viveka C2008   
13   Rossi, Paul E2010   
14   Jones, Caroline E2011   
15   Schuppe, Sharon E2011   
16   Staats, F Lloyd  
17   Yu, Walker (Yinfeng)  
18   Dregallo, David  
19   Glazer, Adam  
20   Curtis, Julie  
E & Under Senior Mixed Foil:    18 Competitors, a D1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Luong, Tiffany E2011  D2012 
2   Nop, Jake E2011  E2012 
3   LaBrecque, Berent E2011  E2012 
3   Keehn, Jordan E2012 
5   Jackson, Cooper  
6   Brisson, Jack E2011   
7   Horak, David E2010   
8   Good, Seamus  
9   Garrity, Connell E2010   
10   Staats, Lloyd  
11   Seaman, Eleanor  
12   Hern, Olivia E2010   
13   Dunn, Jennifer  
14   Fredette, Aggie  
15   Oiwa, Yuka  
16   Snell, Ethan  
17   Byers, Sara  
18   Christensen, Jasper  
Senior Mixed Foil:    21 Competitors, a B1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Parker, David B2011  B2012 
2   Yu, Ethan B2011   
3   Jin, Angel C2011  C2012 
3   Nop, Jake E2011  C2012 
5   Ghafoor, Stuart C2012   
6   Whalen, Jared C2011   
7   Brisson, Benjamin D2010   
8   Luong, Tiffany E2011  E2012 
9   Hewes, Juliet D2010   
10   Schuppe, Raymond D2011   
10   Schuppe, Sharon D2011   
12   Horak, Peter C2010   
13   Fox, Viveka C2010   
14   Brookes, Scott E2011   
15   Brisson, Jack E2011   
16   Pomicter, Madeline D2011   
17   LaBrecque, Berent E2011   
18   Garrity, Connell E2010   
19   Fredette, Aggie  
19   Oiwa, Yuka  
21   Christensen, Jasper  
Crossett Brook Middle School Gym: Duxbury, VT
* Ratings in FRED are NOT official, and are subject to USFA and division policies. The USFA is the final authority for fencer ratings.