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Final Results: TAAF Summer Games of Texas

Y12 Mixed Foil:    6 Competitors, a NR Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Wheatley, Aaron  
2   Barchas, Madison  
3   Kemp, James  
3   Fanning, Abe  
5   Vande Velde, Elizabeth  
6   Autenrieth, Michael  
Senior Mixed Epee:    25 Competitors, a C2 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Felix, Sarah C2011   
2   White, Doug C2010   
3   Cravey, Donald B2007   
3   Barnes, Kierstyn D2011   
5   Underwood, John C2008   
6   Honaker, Marshall C2011   
7   Sloan, Jacob C2011   
8   Baum, Evan D2011   
9   Bumgarner, David D2010   
10   Uldall, Henry C2011   
11   Sexton III, Ray L. A2011   
12   McCullough, Katelin C2010   
13   Robinson, Chris  
14   Fortenberry, Alexander  
15   Campos, Martin  
16   Ho, Wayne D2011   
17   Levine, Eryn E2011   
18   Arroyo, Carlos  
19   Dudenhoefer, Valerie  
20   Masters, Tucker  
21   Mazurek, Animate  
22   Ayers, Andrew  
23   Murray Sr., Gary  
24   Mohler, Jennifer  
25   Busby, Matthew E2011   
Senior Mixed Foil:    20 Competitors, a C1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Wheatley, Christopher D2010  C2011 
2   Cravey, Donald D2010  D2011 
3   Little, Danielle B2010   
3   Sexton III, Ray L. B2010   
5   Lake, Hammond E2010  E2011 
6   Szpak, Ursula C2011   
7   Mazurek, Michael E2011   
8   Dudenhoefer, Valerie D2008   
9   Blake, Randall E2010   
10   Fortenberry, Alexander  
11   Masters, Truman E2009   
12   Vande Velde, Rebekah E2010   
13   Mohler, Jennifer  
14   Garces, Cristian  
15   Murray Sr., Gary D2009   
16   Wilson, Graham  
17   Smoot, Ryan  
18   Ford, Lauren  
19   Pate, Jessica  
20   Monk, Siler  
Senior Mixed Saber:    16 Competitors, a D1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Zhao, Erica A2011   
2   Sexton III, Ray L. B2010   
3   Gregory, James Andrew C2010   
3   Free, Maria E2011   
5   Hayes, Stephen E2008   
6   Cravey, Michael E2011   
7   Dudenhoefer, Valerie  
8   White, Doug  
9   Kim, Hyun Joong  
10   Gulickson, Garth  
11   Murray Sr., Gary  
12   He, Kevin  
13   Goode, Matthew G.  
14   Vemireddy, Rachana S.  
15   Fortenberry, Alexander  
16   Goode, Samuel G.  
07/31/2011 - 07/31/2011
South Waco Recreation Center: Waco, TX
* Ratings in FRED are NOT official, and are subject to USFA and division policies. The USFA is the final authority for fencer ratings.