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Final Results: Liberty Cup # 1/ Fencing Masters Qualifier

Senior Men's Saber:    24 Competitors, a A1 Event
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1 Homer, Daryl D A2009  A2010 
2 Buckley, Sean A2010   
3 Igoe, Ben A2010   
3 Williams, James L A2010   
5 Morehouse, Tim A2010   
6 Pak, Peter B2010   
7 Copti, Charles A2010   
8 Chin, Edward C2010   
9 O'Brien, Duncan B2010   
10 Dershwitz, Eli A2010   
11 Kim, Daniel B2010   
11 Mackiewicz, Andrew C2010   
13 Salko, Drew C2010   
14 Kelly, Andrew B2010   
15 Herczak, Andrew B2010   
16 Flanagan, Michael E2010   
17 Scotti, Eric B2009   
18 Weller, Teddy B2010   
19 Cai, Jason D2010   
20 Dinspechin, Justin D2010   
21 Shinozaki, Michael E2009   
22 Pelton, Ian  
23 Berkay, Deniz  
24 Cohen, Robert E2010   
Senior Women's Saber:    18 Competitors, a A1 Event
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1 Wozniak, Dagmara A2010   
2 Kastor, Tiki A2010   
3 Uhry, Arabella E. F. B2010   
3 Pak, Sarah S A2010   
5 Martinez, Chelsea J. C2010   
6 Sapozhnikov, Yelizaveta C2009   
7 Sulkowicz, Emma C2009   
8 Dodson, Emily C2010   
8 Dodson, Emily C2010   
9 Hofilena, Alyssa D2010   
10 Barry, Allison C2010   
11 Castro, Grace D2009   
12 Avery, Cordelia C2010   
13 Rohan, Alexa C2010   
14 Lockett, Elizabeth C2010   
15 Yasay, Michelle Rae E2010   
16 Curioso, Melissa  
17 Barger, Laura B2010   
18 Navatto, Jennifer  
MFC: New York, NY
* Ratings in FRED are NOT official, and are subject to USFA and division policies. The USFA is the final authority for fencer ratings.