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2022-2023 Tri State Vet Cup

2022-2023 Women's Saber Points List
2022-2023 TRI-STATE VETERANS SABER CUP This is one of the events in the 8th Annual Tri-State Veterans Saber Cup! Last season’s Cup produced four A2-rated Vet XS events, 12 A/B ratings, 10 C/D/E ratings and saw the participation of 64 unique fencers across five events. These are among the largest Vet Saber events in the country outside of the Veteran NACs. In addition to East Coast fencers, competitors have included attendees from as far away as Atlanta and Chicago. COVID protocols for Cup events will be at least as strict as the protocols for the Vet NACs in effect at the time of the Cup event. More information may be provided closer to the event at the discretion of the Club. HOW WILL THE CUP WINNER DETERMINED? In addition to individual event awards, the Top 3 MS and the Top 3 WS fencers in the 2022-2023 Cup Standings at the end of the season will be recognized. 2022-2023 Cup Standings will be determined as follows: 1. Each fencer will get credit for points earned in their three best finishes (as measured by points) at 2022-2023 Cup events 2. For each 2022-2023 Cup event, fencers will receive points based on their finish and letter ratings of other participants who finish below them: a. Each fencer will be assigned a value based on their rating (A=7, B=6, C=5, D=4, E=3, U=2) b. Fencers will earn points equal to the sum of the point values of all fencers who finish below them, plus 2 points c. In the case of Vet XS, MS will earn points for all MS finishers below them; WS will earn points for all fencers (MS or WS) below them 3. Ties in the Cup Standings will be resolved in favor of the fencer that received the higher number of points at a single Cup event
  • Each fencer in the event is assigned a value based on their rating: U=2, E=3, D=4, C=5, B=6, A=7.
  • Then each fencer earns the number of points equal to the total value of all the fencers who finish below them, plus 2 points
Rank Fencer Points For Rank Atlantic Fencing - Tri-State Veteran Saber Cup #1
Sep 11, 2022
Vet Combined Women's Saber
Capital Fencing - Tri-State Veteran’s Saber Cup
Dec 4, 2022
Vet Combined Women's Saber
1T Sierra, Kate : ATLANTIC 78 11 (5th) 67 (1st)
1T Altman, Leigh : ATLANTIC 78 31 (1st) 47 (5th)
3 Gluck, Myriam : CIFA 62 62 (2nd)
4T Deming, Clare : LILOVFA 52 52 (3rd)
4T Vance, Beth : RENAISSANC 52 52 (3rd)
6 Randall, Cathleen : FORGE 42 42 (6th)
7 Yang, Jenny : NELLYA 39 16 (3rd) 23 (10th)
8 Turner, Delia : DE VALL. F 37 37 (7th)
9 Gordon, Sharon : MANHATTAN 33 33 (8th)
10 Jerkins, Jayne : CAPITAL 28 28 (9th)
11 Oblonsky, Natalia : MANHATTAN 27 27 (2nd)
12 Lapp, Laurie : TCFC 20 20 (11th)
13 Shinn-Cunningham, Barbara : UNAT 16 16 (3rd)
14 Dunn, Linda J : INDY SABRE 15 15 (12th)
15 Thornton, Eva : CAPITAL 11 11 (13th)
16 Schulze, Seunghee : MANHATTAN 9 9 (6th)
17 Starr, Cynthia : BERGEN FC 7 7 (14th)
18 Dahl, Naomi : FAB 6 6 (7th)
19T Moro, Diana : DE VALL. F 4 2 (9th) 2 (16th)
19T Higgins, Sally : ATLANTIC 4 4 (8th)
19T Alzona, Esperanza : UNAT 4 4 (15th)