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2017-2018 BCAF-WEST YOUTH CUP - Y12

2017-2018 Mixed Foil Points List
Point standings for BCAF-West youth events in the 2017-2018 season, from September 2017 through June 2018.
  • All Youth (Y14 and below) fencers only.
  • Fencers earn the inverse of their placement, plus some get a bonus. For example, first place in a 30 person event gets 30 points. Second place gets 29 points, and last place gets 1
  • Bonus to the top 8 finishers up to half the field, in the amount of 10 points for each place above the bonus cutoff.
  • Fencer's total is comprised of their top 4 points earnings.
Rank Fencer Points For Rank BCAF-W Y-10/12/14 Mixed Foil - KICK-OFF - DBL PTS
Sep 3, 2017
Y12 Mixed Foil
BCAF-W Y-12/14 Mixed Foil - YOUTH CUP - #2
Oct 8, 2017
Y12 Mixed Foil
BCAF-W Y-12/14 Mixed Foil - YOUTH CUP - #3
Nov 12, 2017
Y12 Mixed Foil
BCAF-W Y-10/12/14 Mixed Foil - #4 - DBL PTS
Jan 21, 2018
Y12 Mixed Foil
1 Eyer, Hailey : MANCHEN AF 37 Results not in. 37 (1st) Results not in.
2 Geoghegan, P.Ronan : FENCERS 36 Results not in.36 (1st) Results not in.
3 Strokin, Daniel : BCAF 29 Results not in.14 (3rd) 15 (3rd) Results not in.
4 Forrest, Eleanor : FAP 26 Results not in. 26 (2nd) Results not in.
5 Trubetski, David : BCAF 25 Results not in.25 (2nd) Results not in.
6 Hess, Jason : BCAF 17 Results not in.14 (3rd) 3 (5th) Results not in.
7 Ritter, Steven : MANCHEN AF 15 Results not in. 15 (3rd) Results not in.
8T Messick, Maya : FAP 2 Results not in. 2 (6th) Results not in.
8T Mays, Megan : BCAF-WEST 2 Results not in.2 (5th) Results not in.
10T Sandhu Lerner, Armaan S. : VFC 1 Results not in. 1 (7th) Results not in.
10T Grunde-McLaughlin, Andrew : BCAF 1 Results not in.1 (6th) Results not in.