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ACFA Senior Cup

Adult Men's Epee Rolling Points List
These are senior point standings for ACFA fencers only. The more events you enter, the more likely you are to do well in this competition. Only SENIOR OPEN events will be included in this list. Fencers with the highest score on July 31st will be recognized by Coach Slaughter as the ACFA Senior Cup Champion for that fencing year. Points will automatically drop off one year after the event. The following events will definitely be included: ACFA Kickoff, Amarillo Open, Nick Toth Open, Falcon Open, New Mexico Open and Texas Tech Open. Additional Senior Open events will likely be added at a later date. Notice will be given to club members before those events occur.
  • Amarillo Competitive Fencing Association fencers only.
  • p = s(n - f) where:
  • p = points earned
  • s = event strenth factor based on the event rating: E=1, D=2, C=3, B=4, A=5
  • n = number of entries in the event
  • f = finishing place
Rank Fencer Points For Rank Texas Tech Open
Apr 16, 2016
Mixed Epee
1 Castleman, Luke : ACFA 135 135 (2nd)
2 Gasparovich, George : ACFA 130 130 (3rd)
3 Castleman, Micah : ACFA 120 120 (5th)
4 Talbott, Dillon : ACFA 115 115 (6th)
5 Bowen, Weston : ACFA 110 110 (7th)
6 Pjesky, Marshall : ACFA 30 30 (23rd)
7 Cochran, Conner : ACFA 15 15 (26th)
8T James, Benjamin : ACFA 0
8T McUne, Griffin : ACFA 0