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Friday night epee - senior open Fri 01/27
Friday night epee at MFA. This is Senior Open Mixed event. $40 fee. Payments requested via VENMO or PAYPAL. See "more info"
Marin Fencing Academy: San Rafael, CA
posted 12/24/2022

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Mixed Epee      Fri 01/27    reg close: 7:00PM
42 Fencers: 5A's 5B's 7C's 5D's 8E's 12U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Astle, Stephen
Barnett, Devin C2022 
Chang, Celine C2022 
Chattha, Amrik
Colon, Theodore
Duong, Zoey E2023 
Elzayn, Hadi B2022 
Forder, Jonathon
Goldberg, Artie E2022 
Green, Jabreel B2022 
Gupta, Karan
Hansen, Kira C2023 
He, Zhiheng C2022 
Helge, James A2022 
Holland, Thomas
Hussain, Kamran A2022 
Hussam, Hussam C2022 
Kaur, Jaap
Kim, Benjamin A2022 
Laurimaa, Emil E2022 
Lee, Samantha E2022 
Legorreta-Peralta, Christian
Liu, Benjamin D2021 
Logue, Ethan A2022 
Logue, Paul D2022 
Lomio, Nicholas E2022 
Look, Edward
Menegoli, Lorenzo B2020 
Ming, Nathan C2022 
Ng, Biwon E2022 
Nicholson, Dimitri B2022 
Petroll, Jared Paul A2022 
Raj, Shrey B2022 
Richard, Silas E2022 
Salistra, Emilia D2022 
Sitter, Gregoire
Sodhi, Jaco
Swanson, Carl E2022 
Tan, Jocelyn C2022 
Tong, Samuel D2022 
Wang, Xu-Chen D2022 
Zgraggen, Dale