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Snowy Breeze Team Event Sun 01/23
All equipment required for USFA competition will be required. Payment of $20 dollars per participant ($60 dollars per team) per event. Team substitutes will not be charged. Payment links will be found in the "more information" section below.
Eden Prairie High School: Eden Prairie, MN
posted 11/19/2021

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Team Epee Jan 23    reg close: 1:15PM    0 Teams
Team Members Club
No complete preregistrations yet.
Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Team Foil Jan 23    reg close: 1:00PM    5 Teams
Team Members Club
Martin, Wesley
Smith, Henry
Schauer, Jack
Minnetonka Youth Foil
Jayanti, Anjali
Totin, Maxwell
Kronzer, Sophia
The Elite
DiFrank, Tae
Howland, Jonas
Difrank, Avery
The Four Musketeers
Kang, Marian
Bullard, Sydney
Salmi-Bydalek, Ada
Yinghua Academy
Menasco, Juliun
Kwan, Victor
Kirris, Elijah
Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Team Epee Jan 23    reg close: 9:30AM    2 Teams
Team Members Club
Purple People Eaters
Anderson, Nora
Stoeckel, Sofia
Xiong, Angelica
Super Spartan Soldiers
Brooks, Mason
Mishra, Milan
Chafee, Val
Nguyen, Maik
Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Team Foil Jan 23    reg close: 9:00AM    11 Teams
Team Members Club
Aluminum Foils
Criego, Natalie
Bolognino, Kara
Bejjam, Hannah
Barbarians from the North
Forward Motion Gang
Mickelson, Jacob
Murphy, Paddy
Sinha, Verdhaan
Minnetonka mad men
Chez, Nolan
Martin, William
Salita, Oliver
Parnassus Team 1
Rydberg, Anders
Suresh, Anjali
Bolognino, Leah
Sasha's Amazing Students
Pai, Dong-Ying
Fechtmeyer, Theodore
Kim, Claire
Wang, Allan
Smells Like Team Spirit
Ginzburg, Angelica
Wang, Elina
Nelson, Melissa
The Bloomington Body Snatchers
Wakeham, Paul
Wakeham, Timothy
McKinley, Luke
The Fantastic Female Foil Fencers
Velazquez, Rosa
Cihlar, Elle
Madsen, Lindsey
Lindblom, Hannah
The Foil Assassins
Watkins, Christian
Olson, Emerson
Naidl, Josiah
YELFC Team 2
Sanders, Jack
Nordman, Aaron
Glover, George
Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Team Saber Jan 23    reg close: 2:00PM    4 Teams
Team Members Club
SPA Saber Squad
Zenanko, Ryan
Rose, Andrew
Anderson, Will
Miller, Soren
Super Saber Squad
Robinson, Stella
Freedman, Amelia
Todd, Peregrine
Norton, Stephen
Hasday Erbsen, Sarah
Debertin, Beth
The Second Team
Luhman, Gabriel
Schwiebert, Harrison
Frost-Tibben, Nathan
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