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New York Open - Senior Men's Epee Sun 11/28
Entry fee is $50. Winner will receive a cash prize after the four events are finished.
Fencers Club: New York, NY
posted 10/05/2021

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Men's Epee      Sun 11/28    reg close: 2:00PM
58 Fencers: 27A's 8B's 7C's 5D's 7E's 4U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Anderson, Brendan B2019 
Asher, Jacob C2021 
Ayush, Shah A2021 
Bartlett, Jonathan B2021 
Bedor, William A2020 
Blakeslee, Garrett
Carpenter, Liam A2018 
Cheung, Liyan D2018 
Chiz, Max C2019 
Choudhary, Grisham E2019 
Corridon, Jack (John)
Daniel, Camron C2018 
Dixon, Thomas C2021 
Doan, Joseph A2018 
Doeleman, Zeno A2020 
Elkan, Raoul C2021 
Gao, Daniel A2021 
Geraghty, Michael A2019 
Gibson, Nowell A2021 
Grams, Steven A2020 
Han, DongCheng D2021 
He, Lawrence A2021 
Isaac, Joseph A2019 
Jennings, Adin E2018 
Jin, Owen A2021 
Li, Jeffrey D2020 
Lukanyuk, Lorence A2019 
Luo, Aaron
Melcher, Jack A2018 
Mishima, Torata A2021 
Moore, Shomari A2018 
O'Loughlin, Chris A2021 
Park, Brian J B2018 
Park, David B2019 
Park, Frederick C2021 
Pavlenishvili, David A2021 
Pedersen, Christopher D2019 
Pho, Eric A2021 
Reddy, Arya E2021 
Rich, Celester E2021 
Romero, Javier C2021 
Schiavone, Oreste
Shrem, Samuel B2019 
Silvers, Noah A2021 
Sivakumar, Ajit A2021 
Suico, Zachary Emanuel A2020 
Sun, James E2021 
Tableman, Douglas A2019 
Vales, Keyan B2021 
Van Den Bergh, Alexander A2018 
Werr, Tyler E2021 
Whitehurst, JJ D2021 
Wu, Jonathan B2021 
Wu, Joseph A2021 
Wyatt, Seth B2021 
Yurovchak, Andrew A2021 
Zafft, Maximo A2021 
Zherebtsov, Kirill E2021