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U-M Collegiate Newbie Tournament Sun 10/24
By invitation only & for collegiate fencers at most approximately 1 year of fencing experience. If you started fencing in January 2020 or later, then you can join the newbie tournament. $10 entry fee by cash or check. All guests must be vaccinated.
North Campus Recreation Building: Ann Arbor, MI
posted 09/30/2021

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unsanctioned Unrated Senior Mixed Epee      Sun 10/24    reg close: 10:00AM
14 Fencers: 14U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Byrd, Susanne
Efebo, Teieki
Esquivel, Katherine
Evanswilson, Ashonti
Freas, Jack
Griesmer, Devin
Hahn, Samuel
Hall, Justin
Hedrick, Abigale
Lam, Hilary
Meyers, Charles
Mital, Rahul
Otero, Armando
Vale, Libby
Unsanctioned Unrated Senior Mixed Foil      Sun 10/24    reg close: 3:00PM
13 Fencers: 13U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Driver, Atticus
Evanswilson, Ashonti
Fogg-Liedel, Mary
Gerhardt, Brandon
Gouillon, Marius
Grove, Makenzie
Hilton, Erron
Janss, Bryce
Mather, Jenna
McKeever, Patrick
Pytel, Maximillian
Suarez, Santiago
Zerman, Dakota
Unsanctioned Unrated Senior Mixed Saber      Sun 10/24    reg close: 1:30PM
21 Fencers: 21U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Beem, Noah
Brandt, Sophia
Byars, Brenna
Carter, Andrew
Daniels, Dilan
Dinglasan, Jeneia Sherein
Dudzik, Garrett
Evanswilson, Ashonti
Fuerat, Finley
Gray-Jones, Jimmy
Huber, Kaitlyn
Iseler, Maxwell
Kurfess, Luke
Lauster, Emerson
Lowry, Esme
Maiocco, Claire
Pacifico, Alexa
Richards, Sean
Van Daele, Emily
Walters, Elijah
Wiredu, Alden
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