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8th Annual Walk the Plank! Team Tournament Sat 12/04
Come and enjoy our 8th "WALK THE PLANK!" exhibition tournament. This time, the teams are making it personal! Are you brave enough to put your skills to the test upon the open seas or be thrown to the sharks like a lily-livered scallywag?
Buccaneer Blades Fencing: Wentzville, MO
posted 08/23/2021

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unsanctioned Mixed Team Epee Dec 4    reg close: 1:00PM    6 Teams
Team Members Club
Koziatek, Katie
Love, William
Strathman, Cordelia
Fish Bones
Buckingham, Emma
Strasburg, Evan
Jenkins, Keely
Scally Swags
Strasburg, Reed
Kirt, Andrew
Neilson, Trenton
Scurvy Deckhands
Smith, Dustin
Edwards, Anthony
Kolbet, Brenner
Scurvy Dogs
Giocolo, David
Murphy, Kyle
Mathis, Logan
Shark Attack
Kokker, Thomas
Stephens, Rick
Brady, Ashley
Unsanctioned Mixed Team Foil Dec 4    reg close: 9:00AM    6 Teams
Team Members Club
Captain Crunch
Stanton, Richard
Dilks, Zoe
Houts, Mary
Heyridden Barbarosa
Murphy, Jonathan
Boyko, Miles
Wright, Talia
Scurvy Kiwis
Love, William
Kaiser, Katherine
Wienstroer, Ethan
Shark Attack
Stephens, Rick
Kitchen, Quentin
Fell, Riley
The Flying Dutchpeople
Kokker, Thomas
Beames, Brandon
James, Bryce
The Krakens
Edwards, Anthony
Wright, Leo
Sangeetha, Sanosh
Unsanctioned Mixed Team Saber Dec 4    reg close: 4:00PM    4 Teams
Team Members Club
Nike (tm)
Love, William
Kolbet, Avaya
Webb, Rohan
The Pirates who don't do anything
Waterman, Alexander
Altheimer, Holly
Range, Easton
The Three Musketeers
Taylor, Layne
Angleton, Jake
Wilson, Liberty
Two and a half Foilists
Bloodworth, Drake
Kokker, Thomas
James, Bryce
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