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Collegiate Style Team Challenge Sun 08/29
Unsanctioned Team Event using IFA format for pools, and NCAA format for DEs. $120 per team. Teams of 3 or 4 people limited to 6 teams.
Salle Palasz: Catonsville, MD
posted 07/23/2021

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unsanctioned Mixed Team Epee Aug 29    reg close: 9:30AM    6 Teams
Team Members Club
Not Quite Safko's
Sweet, Ryleigh
Gambino, Robert
Roberts, Samuel
Palasz Saints - Retriever Edition
Dickens, Robert
Flanigan, Gregory
Dudley, Logan
St John's College Crew Team
Dietrich, Sam
Rosenberger, Paul
Wright, Max
Turner, Nic
TWC Team 1
Schulze, Ethan
Finch, Parker
Jones, Tyler
Kuczajda, Matthew
UMBC Epee Wardens
Tran, Hanna
Talbott, Claudia
Marsh, Alex
Ehrgott, Christian
UMD Deluxe®
Shi, Jiayang
Shi, Victor
Torres, Logan
Unsanctioned Mixed Team Foil Aug 29    reg close: 1:30PM    6 Teams
Team Members Club
Cavalry's Here
Evans, Aidan
Davis, Connor
Alexander, Richard
GW Foil Squad
Hearne, Gavin
Ravano, Alexandra
Hair of the Retriever that Bit You
Place, Lee
Shea, William
Kuruvilla, Arvind
Swift Flaming Arrow
Young, William
Sherwood, Isaac
John Ayi, Neville Pascal
TWC Magnificent Foils
Rosenberg, Chase
Blam, Aaron
Singh, Malik
TWC Supergirls
Richards, Axelle
Noel, Eden
Vickers, Ember
Unsanctioned Mixed Team Saber Aug 29    reg close: 4:00PM    2 Teams
Team Members Club
TriWeapon Alpha Squad
Mikow, Dax
Harris, Nathan
McConnell, Grady
Triforce of TriWeapon
Wagner, Joseph
Turner, Hayden
McConnell, Quinlan
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