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Renaissance Foil House Cup #2 Sun 10/25
Open foil practice event with a focus on fencing multiple bouts. Face covering required for all fencers and/or guests. $35 entry - no fee for students in recurring classes. Medals awarded for top finishers.
Renaissance Fencing Club: Troy , MI
posted 09/18/2020

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unsanctioned Women's Pre Elite/Intermediate Foil      Sun 10/25    reg close: 12:00PM
8 Fencers: 8U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Cohen, Ava
Cullivan, Sienna
DeSeranno, Seren
Farmer, Eleanor
Kumbrink, Emily
Lichtensteiger, Megan
Rayo, Annalia
Rupert, Ellie
Unsanctioned Men's Pre elite/Intermediate Foil      Sun 10/25    reg close: 11:30AM
6 Fencers: 6U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Lincoln, William
Massie, Otto
Mavani, Krishna
McIsaac, Finn
Mcgrath, Oliver
Sziraki, Jordan
Unsanctioned Mixed Foil      Sun 10/25    reg close: 2:30PM
19 Fencers: 2A's 2B's 2C's 4D's 3E's 6U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Cullivan, Justice C2020 
DeSeranno, Jeidus A2020 
Dedenbach, Joseph
Fortune, Alexander D2020 
Gogoi, Vir E2020 
Hirsch, Sophie D2019 
Ivanov, Yaroslav A2018 
Khan, Adnan
Kushnir, Aden
Kwon, Andrew
Lai, Twayne
Newhard, Zelia "Zizi" C2020 
Palma, Matthew D2020 
Purdy-Sachs, Michael R B2019 
Reeves, Liam E2020 
Senic, Adeline D2020 
Walz, Olivia E2019 
Yang, Lingting
Yang, Luao B2019 
Unsanctioned Mixed Elite B Foil      Sun 10/25    reg close: 1:00PM
19 Fencers: 19U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Allen, Henry
Decoster, Charles
Dunlap, Ian
Edwards, Maxon
Findlay, Zack
Flores, Justin
Guth, Joseph
Han, Derek
Jobe, Connor
Kelly, Tommy
Knight, Michael
Logsdon, Samuel
Nakane, Yuuki
Palma, Nathan Anthony
Senic, Lucas
Shevchenko, Kostiantyn
Stringer, David
Valentino, Demarco
Valentino, Paul
Unsanctioned 21Over Mixed Adult Class Foil      Sun 10/25    reg close: 9:00AM
3 Fencers: 3U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Hirsch, Lauren
LIncoln, Adam
Mullins, Aaron
Unsanctioned Y8 Mixed Beginners Foil      Sun 10/25    reg close: 9:00AM
8 Fencers: 8U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Bell, Blake
Boike, Lucille
Coran, Roland
DeSeranno, Leander
Eli, Ford
Khan, Aydin
Liefer, Harrison
Liska, Sofia
Unsanctioned Y10 Women's Girls Beginning class Foil      Sun 10/25    reg close: 9:00AM
4 Fencers: 4U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Barry, Adele
Boike, Olivia
Harris, Adele
Packard, Stella
Unsanctioned Y10 Men's Foil      Sun 10/25    reg close: 9:00AM
8 Fencers: 8U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Cook, Grant
Dell, Noah
Dhokte, Neev
Gogoi, Kavi
McGrath, Milo
Norton, Kamal
Orkwis, Liam
Trevino, Vincent
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