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UR Boo's Party Unrated Tournament Sat 10/26
University of Rochester, Spurrier Gym: Rochester, NY
posted 09/26/2019

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unsanctioned Mixed Epee      Sat 10/26    reg close: 2:15PM
19 Fencers: 1C 2D's 16U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Block, Robert
Bonin, Christopher C2018 
Cicero, Eric D2017 
GerHardstein, Quintan
Harle, William D2018 
Healy, Samuel
Jankowski, Josh
Jhang, Dong-Joon
Lopez, Jennifer
Love, Kathleen
Marecki, Leo
Moeller, Colton
Nugent, David
Prichard, Everett
Rowntree, Brian
Svengsouk, Jocelyn L
Tabak, Grigoriy
Tevis, Kyle
Wan, Jacob
Unsanctioned Mixed Foil      Sat 10/26    reg close: 9:45AM
19 Fencers: 1D 1E 17U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Bhosale, Praneel
Burns, Matthew
Colombai, Mario
Dang, Edwin
Gan, Jiamin
Guthrie, Liam E2018 
Hu, De
Huynh, Natalie
Johnson, Alan D2017 
Katsabekis, Alexis
Kauffman, Alex
Krishnan, Anurag
Lopez, Jennifer
Lu, Jiahao
Marecki, Leo
Paccione, Eric
Tevis, Kyle
Tong, Agnes
Yang, Bonnie
Unsanctioned Mixed Saber      Sat 10/26    reg close: 12:15PM
7 Fencers: 7U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Bazant, Tomasz
Gittler, Alexander
Lim, Michael
Most, William
Pascucci, Nicholas
Pastaryev, Pavlo
Rowntree, Brian
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