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Collegiate Open - IFCSC Sun 10/20
Event open to enrolled college students only. No USFA membership required. Pay $20 entry fee at the door. Fencers may enter ONE event ONLY. Please register early to speed on-site registration. Intercollegiate Fencing Conference of So Cal.
Gryphon Fencing Studio: Placentia, CA
posted 09/15/2019

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unsanctioned Senior Women's Epee      Sun 10/20    reg close: 12:30PM
1 Fencers: 1U 
Fencer Club Rating
On, Cynthia
Unsanctioned Senior Women's Foil      Sun 10/20    reg close: 12:00PM
5 Fencers: 2E's 3U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Bach, Elya E2018 
Hu, Aining E2019 
Heikel, Spencer
Abdulaziz, Savannah
Perlmutter, Marika
Unsanctioned Senior Women's Saber      Sun 10/20    reg close: 11:00AM
2 Fencers: 2U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Wynant, Pasha
Gonzalez, Gloria
Unsanctioned Senior Men's Epee      Sun 10/20    reg close: 10:30AM
5 Fencers: 1A 1B 3U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Zhu, Zimo A2017 
Davis, Luc
Horan, Sean B2018 
Giloni, Kevin
Subramanian Vidal, Carlos
Unsanctioned Senior Men's Foil      Sun 10/20    reg close: 9:30AM
4 Fencers: 2C's 2U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Lee, Seungwon 'Simon' C2019 
Drayson, James
Mashevsky, Michael C2019 
Samaha, Nicholas
Unsanctioned Senior Men's Saber      Sun 10/20    reg close: 1:00PM
4 Fencers: 1C 3U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Nam, Yu Han
Sherfa, Abagaaz C2018 
Vandinh, Quan
McGhee, Michael
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