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War of the Roses at NWFC (Open Foil, Y12 Foil) Sat 08/03
Join us for the summer's biggest Foil tournament! Do you have what it takes? Campers from near and far will be joining us as part of the NWFC International Foil Camp. If you can't make it to camp, don't miss your chance to fence these visiting fencers!
Northwest Fencing Center: Beaverton, OR
posted 04/24/2019

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Y14 Mixed Foil      Sat 08/03    reg close: 1:00PM
16 Fencers: 1D 1E 14U's  could be a NR event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Wandji, Anais D2019 
Strugar, Marcus E2019 
Sullivan, Emma
Lee, Samantha
Kale, Anika
Jacob-Kurilo, Maxwell
Han, Karsen
Strugar, Steliana
Martin IV, Elmer Dean
Mako, Keegan
Gollnick, Mira
Ware, Sophie
Quinn, Anna
Cui, Amy
Hubatka, Jarry
Lim, Jonathon
Senior Mixed Foil      Sat 08/03    reg close: 9:00AM
32 Fencers: 2A's 4B's 6C's 4D's 3E's 13U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Vogler, Justin A2019 
Mitberg, Gregory A2019 
Han, Andersen B2019 
Choi, Eric B2018 
Pickering, Owen B2018 
Tolbert, Zoe B2017 
Koehn, Ted C2019 
Pecot-Grill, Leo C2019 
Nguyen, Nish C2019 
Wong, Adam C2018 
Welch, Ryan C2017 
Berke, Dan C2016 
Izabelle, Paul D2019 
Ding, Abigail D2019 
Shelton, Sulaiman D2019 
Dumond, Leo D2019 
Skywark, Andrew E2019 
Strugar, Marcus E2019 
Kim, Banseok E2018 
Jacob-Kurilo, Maxwell
Han, Jae
Kim, Jackson
Sullivan, Emma
Yin, Glitz
Kale, Anika
Jones, Bryan
Lee, Samantha
Mako, Kieran
Boschert, Andrew
Stone, Jay
Sandau, Ella
Biroan, Chaz
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