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Rochester Ideal Team Spring Unrated Xtravaganza Sun 04/28
Squads-based tournament, hosted by UR Fencing Club. $20 per fencer ($5 discount if your club brings a set of scoring equipment). Please read the More Info page! Email us if you need a team
Spurrier Gym: Rochester , NY
posted 04/09/2019

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unsanctioned Mixed Team Epee Apr 28    reg close: 11:45AM    6 Teams
Team Members Club
Blades b4 Grades
Maitland, Benjamin
Mozes, Max
Lopez, Jennifer
Nam, Jaewoo
Epee B!tchez
Testa, Lauren
He, Jieyu
Love, Kathleen
Lightning McQueen
Palanski, Cate
Taylor-casamayor, Maia
Shi, Joyce
Mackin on Hoes
Karasick, Michael
Tabak, Grigoriy
Nugent, David
Rockey, David
Slade, Jack
Redhead, Nolan
Yanchik, Francine
Van Breems, Martin
Bissen, Quinn
Unsanctioned Mixed Team Foil Apr 28    reg close: 11:45AM    5 Teams
Team Members Club
BATs- Back Alley Tigers
Kelly, Genevieve
Arany-lao-kan, Genevieve
Svengsouk, Jocelyn L
Ludus Foil
Zsenits, Veronika
Baldzizhar, Katsiaryna
Tanzil, Kevin
Please Sponsor Me, Genesee Brewery
Manly, Isaac
Huynh, Natalie
Yang, Bonnie
The Sadboiz
Simon, Tobias
Guthrie, Liam
Burns, Matthew
The Wizard and the wheezers
Lao-Kan, Jean-Raynaud
Sussman, Steven
Kirshner, Ronald
Unsanctioned Mixed Team Saber Apr 28    reg close: 11:45AM    3 Teams
Team Members Club
Lucifer's Death Squad
Kasser, Dustin
Rowntree, Brian
Craig, Sarah
Ludus Sabre
Gefell, Andrew P.
Daniels, Erica
Jabieski, Chester
The Empire Did Nothing Wrong
Rockwell, Spencer
Bazant, Tomasz
Wu, Yiyang
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