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Conomikes-Gutenberg Memorial Open Sat 03/16 - Sun 03/17
William & Mary's annual Spring open, hosted in loving memory of Coach Pete Conomikes and fencer Ben Gutenberg.
William & Mary Adair Gym: Williamsburg, VA
posted 01/14/2019

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Mixed Epee      Sun 03/17    reg close: 9:30AM
26 Fencers: 2A's 3B's 5C's 4D's 5E's 7U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Anderson, Jr., Danny C2018 
Catlett, Robert
Cusick, Matthew D2018 
Davis, Robert
Dron, Lily E2018 
Dye, Jerold E2018 
Forest, Sung D2018 
Hoover, Cecilia D2018 
Hou, Phi
Hurst, Palmer C2018 
Joyner, Brian D2017 
King, Cameron C2019 
Lehfeldt, Damien A2016 
Lu, Qi
Lu, Sebastian E2018 
Newsome, James B2018 
Powers, Bill C2018 
Quigg, Gregory
Raj, Pulak B2018 
Richards, Huw B2019 
Smith, Ted
Stubblefield, Alex C2018 
Stubblefield, Evan E2018 
Walters, Elaine
Young, Scott A2015 
Zook, Evan E2019 
Senior Mixed Foil      Sat 03/16    reg close: 9:30AM
29 Fencers: 3B's 6C's 6D's 2E's 12U's  could be a B2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Alami, Faisal
Behel, Tai
Boustany, Marc E2019 
Cusick, Matthew D2019 
Dabney, Justin
Eaton, David D2018 
Johnson, Zachary D2019 
Lampenfield, Jacob
Li, Yulei C2018 
Lucente, Cyndi C2018 
Maia-Lima, Kevin B2018 
McKevitt, Conner E2019 
McKinney, Isaiah C2019 
McLearn, Colin
O'Brien, Jack B2019 
O'Donnell, Breck C2018 
Pegram, Rafferty C2017 
Philpot, Evan B2015 
Roberts, Zachary
Rountree, Rob D2019 
Semp, Brannon
Slack, Mary-Stuart D2018 
Smigrodzki, Nymeria
Smith, Quin C2019 
Stone, Madelyn
Thomas, Stuart
Tolentino, Francis Jr D2019 
Walters, Elaine
Witman, Ben
Senior Mixed Saber      Sat 03/16    reg close: 1:30PM
22 Fencers: 1A 1B 1C 3D's 7E's 9U's  could be a C1 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Barbee, Jackson E2019 
Catlett, Robert E2018 
Fenker, Will E2019 
Gorman, Liam
Hoverman, Hannah D2017 
Leonard, Cole D2018 
Little, Shannon
McLaughlin, Joseph E2017 
Melerine, Dillon
Myers, Madeline
Patrick, Timothy C2018 
Philpot, Evan A2019 
Pressendo, Steven D2019 
Quigg, Gregory
Semp, Brannon
Smith, Ted E2017 
Stevens, Chrysanthi
Stone, Christopher E2019 
Villareal, Karl
Walters, Elaine
Woodward, Dylan B2018 
Zhou, Kevin E2019 
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