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I Love Fencing Sun 02/24
Heartland Fencing Academy: Overland Park, KS
posted 09/11/2018

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unsanctioned Y8 Mixed Foil      Sun 02/24    reg close: 9:00AM
6 Fencers: 6U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Ferguson, Levi
Martin, Sophia
McMillian, Harrison
Tran, Benjamin
Vadaparampil, Phillip
Walton, Elizabeth
Unsanctioned Y10 Mixed Foil      Sun 02/24    reg close: 9:00AM
8 Fencers: 8U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Aires, Julia
Coleman, Owen
Hoang, Anh
Jacobs, Jack
Mettapalli, Tarun
Thomson, Champa
Twemlow, Sacha
Vadaparampil, Mira
Millian, Samuel
Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Foil      Sun 02/24    reg close: 12:00PM
11 Fencers: 11U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Ferguson, Isaiah
Flynn, Ian
Hoang, Anh
Hoang, Mai
Kim, April
Kokker, Thomas
Mettapalli, Tarun
Mette, Russell
Park, Stephen
Spiewacki, Joshua
Twemlow, Sacha
Senior Mixed Epee      Sun 02/24    reg close: 9:00AM
28 Fencers: 4A's 4B's 6C's 1D 3E's 10U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Armbruster, David C2018 
Baird, Matthew C2018 
Brooks, Zachary A2019 
Brown, Aaron
Burgess, James E2019 
Carter, Michael B2018 
Cutts, Dominique
Douglas, Mary C2018 
Fischer, Tom
Fleming, Dan B2016 
Grossl, Karina D2019 
Hart, Jackson E2018 
Herdman, Samantha
Joyce, Andy C2019 
Keith, Tucker
Lewis, Tracie
Mette, Alexis
Osborn, Matthew
Plaisance, Louis A2018 
Rasmussen, Jack
Robertson, Grady A2015 
Robertson, Lily C2019 
Shariati, Talib E2015 
Smith, Dustin B2019 
Stephens, Rick C2018 
Wheatley, Brendan
Willett, Addison A2017 
Young, Colton B2019 
Johnson, Ben C2018 
Millian, Matthew B2019 
Senior Mixed Foil      Sun 02/24    reg close: 12:00PM
9 Fencers: 1E 8U's  could be a E1 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Essenberg, Lauren
Fan, Kevin
Hamilton, Ian
Khiew, Jaren
Larsen, Bonnie
Nunnink, Phillip
Soyski, Harrison E2018 
Sundar, Arthi
Youngblood, Woody
Kline, Melissa E2018 
McLaughlin, Lloyd Ivan E2019 
Millian, Matthew D2019 
Panagiev, Stefan Dimitrov B2016 
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