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Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix V Sun 04/21
Join us for the fifth event in the NYC Women's Epee Grand Prix Series. $45 if pre-registered via AskFRED or $60 at the door. Everyone pays at the door in cash (preferred), credit card or check. Please bring your USA Fencing membership card
Fencers CLub: New York, NY
posted 08/26/2018

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Women's Epee      Sun 04/21    reg close: 1:00PM
36 Fencers: 7A's 9B's 10C's 3D's 6E's 1U  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Belaoussoff, Kira C2017 
Benning, Friederike E2018 
Cao, Catherine C2018 
Chiodi, Isabella E2018 
Choi, Lyla A2019 
Drovetsky, Alexandra B2019 
Fallon, Kyle C2019 
Fitzsimmons, Kelly C2018 
Gao, Emily A2017 
Gu, Sarah D2019 
Gutkovskaya, Nora C2019 
Hedvat, Alexis A2017 
Kain, Isabel A2017 
Kulkarni, Diya B2019 
Lin, Anna B2017 
Lin, Jessica A2018 
Lin, Julia C2018 
Lin, Katie B2018 
Long, Cindy B2019 
Mok, Chloe
Ni, Emma B2018 
Paturu, Meghana B2019 
Pyo, Yunice B2016 
Rudakova, Daria E2017 
Shao, Ariel D2019 
Sheffield, Lake Mawu A2019 
Shoates, Jacqueline C2017 
Siddiqui, Ammna D2019 
Szewc, Lexi E2019 
Wade, Ava B2018 
Xia, Chelsea E2018 
Yao, Jillian C2017 
Zhang, Maya C2018 
Zhang, Tina C2019 
Zhao, Yingying E2018 
Zuikova, Veronika A2015