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WMFA Epee Season Opener and Team events Sat 08/25
Teams can be formed at the event. Entry fee is $20 at the door and includes team event (start time contingent on the conclusion of the individual tournament).
West Michigan Fencing Academy: Grand Rapids, MI
posted 07/18/2018

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Mixed USFA membership is required Epee      Sat 08/25    reg close: 10:30AM
45 Fencers: 4A's 3B's 4C's 5D's 4E's 25U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Aitken, Andrew B2018 
Benyovszky, Barnabas C2018 
Clark, Carson E2018 
Colwell, Alex C2018 
Davis, Gabe
Drayton, Hannah
Eitzen, Carissa
Felker, Jared A2018 
Green, Douglas E2018 
Green, Nicholas D2018 
Green, Noah C2016 
Green, Scott
Green, Zachary D2018 
Hamilton, Kevin C2018 
Hane, Matthew B2018 
Hayenga, Gary B2018 
Hudson, Greg D2018 
Ivakimov, Vasil D2018 
Joles, Dennis D2014 
Karolak, Dale A2017 
Kelbley, Elena
Kelbley, Jay
Kleman, Andrew
Kline, Julia
Kline, Katarina
Lapp, Laurie
Lehman, Benjamin
Marchenko, Michael
Mason, Alex A2017 
Mayo, Eric
McBurney, Karen
Meyers, Peter
Nellutla, Unnathy
Owens, Andrew
Owens, Carrie
Owens, Jonathan
Owens, Nathan J
Reid, Andrew
Reinke, Ariana
Schultz, Douglas E2018 
Schultz, Rowan
Shoemaker, Martin
Vag-Urminsky, Paul F. A2018 
Volkers, Troy
Zubeck, Dominic E2018 
Senior Mixed USFA membership is required Team Epee Aug 25    reg close: 2:30PM    7 Teams
Team Members Club
Bear Infested Waters
Schultz, Rowan
Marchenko, Michael
Clark, Carson
Gary Will Carry
Hayenga, Gary
Aitken, Andrew
Colwell, Alex
Senior Squad
Owens, Carrie
Lehman, Benjamin
Green, Scott
Team Corps-a-Corps
Karolak, Dale
Benyovszky, Barnabas
Felker, Jared
The Three Musketeers
Owens, Nathan J
Green, Zachary
Reinke, Ariana
The good, the bad, and the ugly
Owens, Jonathan
Owens, Andrew
Alarie, James
The little Green men.
Green, Noah
Green, Nicholas
Green, Douglas
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