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Preregistration List

DCFC Champagne Challenge Sun 02/25
Please join us for a Champagne Challenge event. This is a self reffed tournament and the fee is $30 cash or check to "DC Fencers Club".
DC Fencers Club: Silver Spring, MD
posted 12/16/2017

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Mixed Epee      Sun 02/25    reg close: 10:00AM
45 Fencers: 6A's 11B's 5C's 2D's 10E's 11U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Allen, Susan C2017 
Alli, Sofia E2017 
Bole, Samuel
Booker, La Selle E2017 
Boswell, Griffin E2017 
Boyer, Elizabeth
Carey, Robert
Davis, Jeffrey B2018 
Deucher, Joe A2018 
Doan, Joseph B2017 
Haddad, Justin A2017 
Harney, John
Henry, Asha E2017 
Hitchcock, David A2017 
Hoffmann, Christopher B2017 
Jiang, Bowen
Kim, Caroline E2017 
Kim, Elizabeth
Kim, Minjun
Klassen, Andrew B2018 
Lee, Kyungmin
Lee, Michelle D2017 
Lu, Sebastian
Milligan, Bruce C2016 
Milligan, Lauren B2017 
Moore, Guy E2016 
Moore, Steven E2017 
Nosil, Andrew A2018 
Oldham, Christian
Park, Faith B2018 
Park, Minchan C2017 
Parris, Tom E2017 
Paye, Gregory C2017 
Pyo, Yunice B2016 
Reid, Avo B2017 
Shin, Edward E2017 
Tae, William B2018 
Tong, Sarah Shen B2017 
Van Allen, Peter E2017 
Van Scoy, Kyle D2018 
Wheeler, Daniel B2018 
Yi, Kyle A2017 
Yoon, Sungho A2017 
Zhang, Jimmy C2016 
Zheng, Yuanlong