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RIT Fall Charity Tournament 2017 Sun 10/08
Three-weapon tournament benefiting the American Red Cross, hosted by the Rochester Institute of Technology Fencing Club. Open to fencers of all skill levels. Non-USFA. Please see more info section!
RIT Clark Gym: Rochester, NY
posted 09/12/2017

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unsanctioned Mixed Epee      Sun 10/08    reg close: 2:45PM
33 Fencers: 1A 2C's 2E's 28U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Bissen, Quinn
Bowie, George A2017 
Boyer, Joshua
DeFord, Kevin
Detwiler, Megan
Diemand, Matthew
Fong, Tiffany
Fountain, Emma
Gabriel, Griffin
Grabowski, Sarah
Hutchins, Aaron
Kaiser, Shai
Le, Kaiqi E2015 
Maitland, Benjamin C2017 
Malanio, Brian
McClymonds, Emilie
Mroz, Matthew
Pender, Sarah
Perry, Lauren
Querci, Nicholas
Raxworthy, George
Redhead, Nolan
Rockey, David E2017 
Sankaran, Manya
Sarnecki, Steven
Schmidt, Niklas
Skarston, Julian
Snyder, Michael C2015 
Stransky, Jordan
Testa, Lauren
Wang, Anne
Warner, Maia
Washington, Julian
Unsanctioned Mixed Foil      Sun 10/08    reg close: 9:45AM
22 Fencers: 2C's 3D's 1E 16U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Bagdan, Samuel C2017 
Cooper, Michael
Dai, Shuhang
Diemand, Matthew
Dubrocq, Leonardo D2015 
Fong, Tiffany
Fountain, Emma
Gesner, John
Hengy, Nathan
Hutchins, Aaron
Johnson, Alan D2017 
Kirshner, Ronald
Liu, Yuanyi
Manly, Isaac C2017 
McClymonds, Emilie
Salerno, Will E2015 
Schmidt, Niklas
Semanchuk-Enser, Larissa
Simon, Tobias D2017 
Sussman, Steven
Wei, Alicia
Young, Natalie
Unsanctioned Mixed Saber      Sun 10/08    reg close: 12:45PM
17 Fencers: 2C's 2E's 13U's 
Fencer Club Rating
Bazant, Tomasz
Campbell, Aislinn
Cassidy, Robert
Daniels, Erica E2017 
Hager, Thomas
Johnson, Dagny
Lee, Alexander
Li, Ziyao
Luk, Winnie
Mitchell, Eric E2016 
Nimmer, Erik C2016 
Pascucci, Nicholas
Pratt, Angus
Sokolowski, Joshua
Spangler, Delanie
Szczepankiewicz, Daniel
Yoo, Philip C2014 
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