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Fencers Club Senior Men's Epee Grand Prix II Sun 11/26
DATE CHANGE: Men's Epee GP is now Sunday 11/26. Join us for the second event in the Fencers Club Men's Epee Grand Prix Series. Everyone pays at the door: $40 if pre-registered or $50 if not pre-registered. Please bring your USA Fencing membership card.
Fencers Club: New York, NY
posted 09/01/2017

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Men's Epee      Sun 11/26    reg close: 1:00PM
79 Fencers: 36A's 15B's 8C's 8D's 6E's 6U's  could be a A4 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Armstrong, James B2017 
Boylan, Daniel C2014 
Burke, Danny A2017 
Calderon, Peter D2017 
Carpenter, Liam A2017 
Cha, Russell B2017 
Chao, Warren D2016 
Cheian, Dinis A2016 
Chmut, Anton A2017 
Choi, Paul A2017 
Cohen, Jared B2017 
Cole, Elias A2016 
Cruz, Cyrus
Didaskalou, Ilias C2017 
Dinallo, Robert B2016 
Doan, Joseph B2017 
Dolgonos, Mark A2017 
Doss, David A2017 
Dubowy, Adam E2016 
Dumaguing, Noel
Elkan, Raoul D2015 
Feng, Kevin E2017 
Grams, Steven A2017 
Gregory, Abram C2017 
Hadzic, Alen A2016 
Holst, Eric A2017 
Holtz, Donovan A2016 
House, Alex A2017 
Huemer, Jackson A2017 
Jones, Chinua B2017 
Katopes, Peter
Kim, Brad D2017 
Kim, Derek B2017 
Kim, Yunwoo A2016 
Lawson, Henry C2017 
Lawson, Nicholas A2017 
Lee, Tae Hee E2017 
Lee, Woosuk A2017 
Leverett, Anthony B2017 
Liverant, Skyler B2017 
Lombardo, Teddy A2017 
Maisel, Simon F B2017 
Mecke, Cedric A2016 
Merchant, Reza C2017 
Miller, Finn A2017 
Mogilevich, Michael B2016 
Mohamad, Mohannad A2017 
Motir, Lucas
Neale, James A2017 
Ntonos, Thrasivoulos A2016 
Ogbeifun, Isaiah D2017 
Piraino, Robert A2017 
Ra, Daniel A2017 
Rifkind, Neil
Russell, Ben A2017 
Russell, Joe B2015 
Ryjikov, Benjamin A2016 
Sanders, Ian A2017 
Sawasdikosol, Sansana
Shine, Peter D2017 
Slavinskiy, Alan D2016 
Smith, Dwight A2015 
Smoak, Omari A2017 
Snyder, Michael C2015 
Szapary, Tristan A2017 
Tableman, Douglas A2017 
Tekle, Kirubel D2017 
Vaysberg, Nathan A2017 
Vinnitchouk, Ted B2017 
Wang, Eric E2017 
Wang, Jeffrey C2017 
White, Khristopher C2016 
White, Sean A2017 
Wolf, Myles B2016 
Yi, Kyle A2017 
Yoon, Nathan E2017 
Zeff, Mati E2017 
Zhang, Joshua A2017 
Zhang, Matthew B2016