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Preregistration List

NEUSFA Jack Norton Hangover Open Mon 01/01
FOIL and SABRE event CANCELLED. Online preregistration ($25.00) closes Dec 28. Walk-in fee ($50.00) applies thereafter. Be among the first to upgrade classification to 2018.
Boston Fencing Club: Boston, MA
posted 08/13/2017

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Mixed Epee      Mon 01/01    reg close: 12:00PM
51 Fencers: 16A's 9B's 8C's 6D's 6E's 6U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Abele, Chris B2015 
Adamian, David E2017 
Adamian, Louis
Adamian, Nathaniel C2016 
Bates, Cassandra A2017 
Bixby, Peter D2017 
Bixby, Solomon D2017 
Brookes, Scott B2017 
Carpenter, Liam A2017 
Carvalho, Daniel C2017 
Charron, Jack E2017 
Corban, Michael A2017 
Crocket, Anne C2017 
Culler, Michael D2016 
Dembski, Clayton
Didonato, Gianina C2017 
Foley, Kevin A2017 
Garcia-Albea, Javier C2017 
Garcia-Albea, Victoria
Hamilton, Kevin
Hansen, Jonas A2017 
Hondor, Robert A2017 
Horak, David B2017 
Horak, Peter B2017 
Jones, Tristan Kai A2016 
Kain, Brad
Kain, Isabel A2017 
Lavenstein, Kinley D2017 
Leigh, David A B2017 
Lim, Joshua E2017 
Maczik, Adam W A2018 
Maisel, Simon F B2017 
Mansoor, Matthew A2015 
Mechkov, Iliya A2017 
Mullarkey, Ed B2017 
Parte, Aidan E2017 
Passow, Christian E2017 
Passow, Glen B2017 
Picard, Christopher A2017 
Rivait, Birk T B2017 
Rouse, Brian A2015 
Rouse, Joseph D2017 
Sanchez, Leon C2015 
Santos, Felipe C2017 
Sumler, Jeffery A2015 
Todreas, Simon E2017 
Whelan, Tony D2017 
Yoshida, Stephen C2017 
Yu, Colin A2017 
Yu, Weizhen (Larry)
Zheng, Hagen A2017 
Chamberlain, Aly B2016 
Matei, Daniel
Pardo, Sarah
Provenza, Hannah A2015 
Stanton, Caitlin D2017