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Preregistration List

Capital Fencing Academy Sabre Open-Czajkowski Cup Sat 02/10
Registration fee: $35; 800NW glove required to compete.
Capital Fencing Academy: North Bethesda, MD
posted 08/11/2017

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Mixed Saber      Sat 02/10    reg close: 1:30PM
64 Fencers: 3A's 8B's 12C's 13D's 12E's 16U's  could be a A2C3 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Alarie, Christian C2017 
Allum, Christopher D2017 
Allum, Isabel C2017 
Arnipalli, Shanvanth C2017 
Barnard, Ven
Barnett, Adam C2017 
Ben Avram, Lev D2018 
Bhattacharjee, Rhea E2018 
Bukowski, Bronson E2018 
Canseco, Laura B2017 
Chambers, Amir D2017 
Chang, Eliot E2017 
Chen, Alan B2017 
Contreras, Alessandro A2018 
Dahlkemper, Audrey E2017 
Del Vecchio, Nicolas A2017 
Dhar, Aamina
Do, Trina
Emanuel, Galen C2016 
Gilmore, Thomas E2017 
Glasser, Jerome C2015 
Greenhalgh, Abigail
Han, Nicholas B2017 
Hargenrader, Kailen E2017 
Hennicke, Michael D2017 
Hinton, Nickolys
Hoffman, Timothy D2017 
Hone, Katarina C2017 
Hone, Marc E2017 
Hoverman, Hannah D2017 
Iwasa, Erina D2017 
Jerkins, Jayne C2015 
Johnson, Honor A2017 
Keefe, Christopher D2016 
Keefer, Philip E2014 
Kennedy, Liam D2017 
Kim, Jeremy
LaFontaine, Justin
Landau, Nathaniel B2017 
Lee, Kyle B2017 
Leonard, Cole D2017 
Maddalone, Thomas
Matt, Chris B2018 
Moore, Evan E2016 
Mullin, Grant
Oberholtzer, Daniel E2017 
Olsen, Natalie C2017 
Pan, Andrew
Paryavi, Fatemeh
Penton, Rob B2015 
Richmond, Ayer
Robles, Julio C2016 
Rodriguez, Colette
Rodriguez, Desmond D2017 
Roper, Evan D2018 
Safai, Teja
Shankar, Karthik
Simak, Jonathan C2017 
Sporn, Melanie
Srere, Mark E2016 
Tang, Annie C2017 
Thornton, Ron B2017 
Tyler, Emma E2017 
Vaccari, Braden D2018