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M/W Epee Challenge #1 at Medeo Sun 05/21
9 AM Start Time: EVENTS WILL BE MIXED if less than 6 women show. Time to start gearing up for Summer Nationals? Come join us! Sign up and pay on AskFred or at the Medeo office by 5/20 for our lowest event fee!
Medeo Fencing Club: Bridgewater, NJ
posted 03/13/2017

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Women's Epee      Sun 05/21    reg close: 9:00AM
12 Fencers: 2A's 2B's 2C's 1D 2E's 3U's  could be a E1 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Wallace, Katherine C2017 
Constantino, Lola B2017 
Petronchak, Eva B2016 
Ganser, Yuliya A2016 
Long, Cindy E2017 
Chan, Christine
Ni, Emma
Kulkarni, Diya C2017 
Yao, Jillian E2016 
Ebrahim, Ameera
Minassian, Arianna D2017 
Lin, Jessica A2017 
Senior Men's Epee      Sun 05/21    reg close: 9:00AM
33 Fencers: 4A's 3B's 7C's 3D's 6E's 10U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Gana, Jorge Sr. C2016 
Gana, Thomas C2016 
Odell, Robert D2015 
Cohen, Jared C2016 
Mattson, Kyle E2016 
Kim, Timothy
Lugo, George
Thompson, Jayson A2015 
Blechinger-Slocum, Jaedan
Blechinger-Slocum, Devan
Tang, Matthew C2017 
Ritchie, Patrick D2017 
Ritchie, Mark D2015 
Moore, James E2016 
Baker, Kevin C2017 
Nossa, Alec
Terry, Spencer E2016 
Chernyshov, Max A2016 
Mrak, Michael B2016 
Banyon-Mrak, Aiden A2017 
Suh, Jason A2016 
Tsiporukha, Michael E2016 
Infinito, Christopher C2017 
Marakov, Allen E2017 
Redick, Sam
Clark, Ethan B2017 
Droar, Theodore C2016 
Tishman, Tom B2016 
Ding, Phillip
Shine, Peter E2016 
Constantino, Nickolas
Skipper, John
Shrem, Samuel
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