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Preregistration List

Brooklyn Fencing May Foil Open Sat 05/06
Fencers may register here for $40 or at the door for $60. Pre-registration closes WEDNESDAY 5/3. Please visit the "more info" page for start times and other competition details.
Brooklyn Fencing Center: Brooklyn, NY
posted 08/17/2016

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Senior Mixed Foil      Sat 05/06    reg close: 2:00PM
62 Fencers: 13A's 21B's 12C's 9D's 3E's 4U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Navalta, Cassie A2017 
Gruber, Samuel A2017 
Field, Miles A2017 
Bae, Anthony A2017 
Lam, Justina A2017 
Ding, Allan A2017 
Makogon, Daniel A2016 
Gordon-Sand, Spencer A2016 
Zobel, Eric A2016 
Park, Brian A2016 
Jackson, Malcolm A2016 
Palazzolo, William A2016 
Holmes, Andrew A2015 
Wang, Brian B2017 
McKenna, Joseph Owen B2017 
Scarpa, Ryan B2017 
Memani, Apurva B2017 
Shi, Shenzhi B2017 
Janicijevic Agatonovic, Petar B2017 
Evans, Cameron B2017 
Binder, Zachary B2017 
Liao, James B2017 
Ouellette, David B2016 
Bear, Myles B2016 
Wetmore, Lucas B2016 
Kang, Andrew B2016 
Fu, Daniel B2016 
Park, Noah B2016 
Largaespada, Fatima B2016 
Toro, Alejandro B2016 
Ritchie, Luke B2016 
Blutt, Emerson B2016 
Lee, Michael B2015 
Murray, Thomas B2014 
Umansky, Mark C2017 
Pegram, Rafferty C2017 
Dunat, Max C2017 
Liu, Jonathan C2017 
Prince, Nicholas C2017 
Kamish, Dalton C2017 
Park, Joah C2016 
Artis, Tre C2016 
Chen, Lei C2016 
Wu, Dawei C2016 
Acinapuro, Philip C2015 
Muratore, Richard C2015 
Andrews, Nathan D2017 
Wu, Wesley D2017 
Wang, Michael D2016 
Jacobs, Benjamin D2016 
Mifflin, Patrick D2016 
Horiuchi, Kenji D2016 
Vanni, Filippo D2016 
Cook, John D2016 
Rechler, Logan D2016 
Gee, Brandon E2017 
Fellman, Sara E2016 
Ramdas, Marco E2016 
Joseph, Willem
Bromberg, Ilana
Galler, Dave
McIntosh, Destiny