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The Grapes of Wrath Epee Open Sun 08/14
Come and enjoy the Sangria Festival at the oldest winery in America while either participating or observing an outdoor epee tournament overlooking the majestic Hudson River... CHECK THE MORE INFO PAGE FOR DETAILS
Benmarl WInery: Marlboro, NY
posted 04/13/2016

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Mixed Team Epee Aug 14    reg close: 11:00AM    15 Teams
Team Members Club
A Superior Race
Morel, Race
Sampugnaro, Emma
Hazari, Vivek
Abusement Park
Chushko, Andrey
Chushko, Daniel
Sanders, Ian
Nunn, Taiylor
BabyFace&Company A Pincushion Production
Wistreich-Tannenbaum, Adin
Chilana, Savitoz
Isaacson, Tori
Beauty and the Beasts
Lee, Eric
Schueren, Emma
Benedict, Harrison
Brick City Bordeaux
Hill, Molly
Eisele, Scott
Sternklar, Samuel
Taylor, Ian
Cirque Du Touche
Inamdar, Nina
Thayer, Carmella (Karma)
Caamano, Leo
Dazed and Confused
Gillman, Bruce
Groening, Joanne
Simon, Sally
I Need A Team
Ramsay, Jon
I don't have one
Brody, Hunter
Masters fencing team
Rolando, Doc
Hirschman, Burton
Zhang, Alex
Masters of the Universe
Hecht, Mark
Swerzenski, Daniel
Lurye, Lina
The Crooked, The Cruel, The Curmudgeonly
Soyka, Eric
Barnhart, William
Spahn, Jeff
Schroeder, Robert
The Toe Trucks
Brearley, Russell
Alperstein, Jonathan
Ellis, Taylor
Chilana, Udaypaul
Xavier's X-men
Elbag, Mark
Ghazaleh, Xavier
Mikhak, Ari
Donovan, Thomas
Ziad Mallah
Mallah, Ziad