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Purdue Spring Open 2012 Sat 03/31
Doors open at 8am. Enter from Stadium Ave, doors will be marked. Tournament will be in the 2nd floor Gym. Parking available in Northwestern and University street garages. $20/weapon fenced. USFA 1-day membership must be done before coming to event.
Lambert Fieldhouse: West Lafayette, IN
posted 08/15/2011

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Mixed Epee      Sat 03/31    reg close: 9:00AM
37 Fencers: 6A's 7B's 5C's 5D's 2E's 12U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Orlando, Amy A2012 
Weininger, Gabriel A2012 
Xu, Jason S A2012 
Geraci, Paul A2011 
Caruso, Taylor A2010 
Hayman, John A2010 
Nemeth, Arthur B2012 
Lartz, John B2012 
Cho, Ted B2011 
DeForrest, Dan B2011 
Hanahan, Tom B2011 
Xu, Jonathan B2011 
Forin, Tiago B2009 
White, Neal C2012 
Martino, Manuel C2012 
Dazey, Jason C2012 
Koby, Brian C2011 
Jankowiak, Bradley C2010 
Doro, Samantha D2012 
Williams, Josh D2011 
Baldwin, Bob D2011 
Wien, Stephen D2010 
Horzmann, Katie D2008 
Shannon, Douglas E2011 
Lome, Spencer E2008 
Swanson, Dave
Suh, David
Zellner, Katie
Guariniello, Cesare
Cain, Tristan
Hood Jr., Rex
Ross, Michael
Lauer, Michael
Backus, Stephen
Steup, Louisa Randolph
Roembke, Christopher
Clemens, Kasey
Mixed Foil      Sat 03/31    reg close: 2:00PM
45 Fencers: 4A's 4B's 8C's 10D's 5E's 14U's  could be a A2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Zhang, Hellary A2012 
Purdy-Sachs, Michael R A2012 
McOwen, Peter A2011 
Anez, Daniel A2010 
Purdy-Sachs, Alinah B2012 
White, Neal B2012 
Williams, Josh B2011 
Wien, Stephen B2011 
Maltman, Quentin Roys C2012 
Lakehal-ayat, Anil C2012 
Ortega-Furgeson, Desree C2012 
Mok, Sarah C2012 
Blakeman, Michael C2012 
Wesenberg, Perry C2011 
Martino, Manuel C2011 
Turley, Garrett C2011 
Gehres, Edmund D2012 
Smith, Jackson D2012 
Miller, Jake D2012 
Bauer, Brandon D2012 
Durvasula, Sriram D2012 
Prasher, Alexa D2011 
Dell, George D2011 
Kuschke, Samantha D2011 
Anthony, Jim D2010 
Brandyberry, Mark D2009 
Kerlo, Anna-Elodie E2012 
Gray, Peter E2012 
Nash, Caleb E2012 
Julian, Nicholas E2011 
Julian, Alexander E2010 
Hood Jr., Rex
Haywood, Elizabeth
Guariniello, Cesare
Ross, Michael
O'Malley, Paul
Backus, Stephen
Cook, Aaron
Roembke, Christopher
Sloan, Nicholas
Stuckey, Jack
Lome, Spencer
Kan, Brandon
Pham, Namkha
Kepner, Travis
Mixed Saber      Sat 03/31    reg close: 12:00PM
37 Fencers: 1C 5D's 7E's 24U's  could be a C2 event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
McOwen, Peter C2012 
Rohe, Alexander D2012 
Swerens, Caleb D2011 
Andrews, Stephen D2010 
Bailey, Jason D2010 
Paget, Ed D2009 
DeCesaris, Charles E2012 
Brewer, William E2012 
Jankowiak, Bradley E2012 
Johnson, Mackenzie E2012 
Williams, Josh E2011 
Smith, Anthony E2011 
Hornedo, NIcolas E2010 
Ragatz, Andrew
Rickert, Michael
Coy, Rachel
Davis, Sierra
Izzo, David
Bartley, Tiffany
Krizan, Katherine
Hass, Sam
Pedigo, Ruel
Vaughn, Nicole
Rounds, Nathaniel
Schmidt, Lara
Baker-Olson, Anna
Ross, Michael
Dziuba, Courtney
Guariniello, Cesare
Francis, Peter
Ash, Gwendolyn
Geene, Bridget
Brzegowy, Jacob
McDaniel, Blake
Blythe, Ross
Hyslop, Andrew
Ritter, Mark
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