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Wright Memorial and Regional Youth Circuit Mar 14, 2009 - Mar 15, 2009
Join us for the Twelfth Annual Wright Memorial Fencing Tournament (three weapon open), being held in conjunction with a USFA Regional Youth Circuit Tournament (Y10, Y12 and Y14).
Birmingham Fencing Club: Birmingham, AL
posted 02/16/2009
More Info
The Birmingham Fencing Club will be combining the Twelfth Annual Wright Memorial Fencing Tournament with the Birmingham Regional Youth Circuit Fencing Tournament. Join us for a weekend of great fencing, and free snacks! This is also a good opportunity for some high level fencing experience.

Both tournaments have been sanctioned by the Alabama Division of the USFA. We always try to use an independent chairperson for our bout committee. Our coaches will not act as referees and the chairperson of the bout committee will direct the use of referees to ensure independence. You can count on well run tournaments and good referees.

Twelfth Annual Wright Memorial Fencing Tournament Events Scheduled:
Senior Mixed Epee
D & Under Senior Mixed Epee
Senior Mixed Saber
D & Under Senior Mixed Saber
Senior Mixed Foil
D & Under Mixed Foil

Regional Youth Circuit Events Scheduled:
Y10 Women's Epee
Y10 Women's Foil
Y10 Women's Saber
Y10 Men's Epee
Y10 Men's Foil
Y10 Men's Saber
Y12 Women's Epee
Y12 Women's Foil
Y12 Women's Saber
Y12 Men's Epee
Y12 Men's Foil
Y12 Men's Saber
Y14 Women's Epee
Y14 Women's Foil
Y14 Women's Saber
Y14 Men's Epee
Y14 Men's Foil
Y14 Men's Saber

Preregistration opens on 01/27/2009.
Preregistration closes on 03/13/2009.

Event Schedule

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Open Epee -- 9:30 AM
D&Under Epee -- 12:30 PM
Open Sabre -- 9:30 AM
D&Under Sabre -- 1:00 PM
Y14 Sabre 9 AM
Y12 Epee 9 AM
Y10 Sabre 11 AM
Y10 Epee 12 NOON
Y12 Sabre 1 PM
Y14 Epee 2PM

Sunday, March 15, 2009
Open Foil -- 9:30 AM
D&Under Foil -- 1:00 PM
Y14 Foil 9 AM
Y10 Foil 11 AM
Y12 Foil 2 PM

Times listed are the close of registration time. Doors will open at 7:30 A.M. each day. Fencing should begin approximately 30 minutes after the close of registration.


Cost: $25 registration fee for the first event
$10 registration fee for each additional event
$10 late fee for registrations received at the door
All "A" rated fencers fence for free in all events!
All "B" rated fencers will receive a $10 discount!
All "C" rated fencers will receive a $5 discount!

Make checks payable to the Birmingham Fencing Club.
Mail or bring to: Birmingham Fencing Club
1425 Montgomery Hwy., Suite 25
Birmingham, Alabama 35216

Awards: To 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
If mens and womens events are combined for any age groups and/or weapons, there will be separate awards to the top 3 men and the top 3 women of each age group, based on their placement in the mixed event. There will be no fence off for third place in any event.

Pre-register online at and look to see who else is coming. Payment can be made upon arrival. Pre-registration closes on March 13, 2009.

All fencers must be current USFA members, and will need to show proof of membership, either by card or by fax from the USFA. (Alternatively, a fencer may be a member in good standing of another National Federation or a current FIE license holder.) You may renew your USFA membership or join at the tournament. Forms will be available at the tournament, or can be downloaded from the USFA website at If you do not have your USFA card with you when checking in, you will be required to complete a new USFA form and pay the annual fee. The form and payment will be returned to you upon proof of USFA membership subsequent to the tournament.

Fencers must have a parent or guardian signature (not a coach) on their USFA membership form (if renewing or joining at the tournament) and on the tournament entry form.

Mask checks will be performed prior to competition, and there will be weight/shim tests for all weapons brought onto the fencing strip. You MUST wear a plastron. No sweatpants will be permitted.

All USFA rules apply. At the end of each bout, fencers are required to sign pool sheets and DE slips before leaving the strip. USFA rules will be enforced throughout the competition.

For any USFA competition that is not specifically stated for a certain age category; e.g., Youth or Cadet or Junior or Veterans, the athlete must be at least 13 years old as of January 1 of the fencing season. The fencing season is the same as the membership year, August 1 through the following July 31. The only exception to this rule is that an athlete under the age of 13 on January 1 of the fencing season, who is on the Junior national point standings, will be allowed to complete in any competition as long as the athlete meets any other criteria required for that competition, e.g., holding a certain classification. The Birmingham Fencing Club will strictly enforce this rule at all tournaments

Pre-registration is important! This tournament is being held in a facility with room for seven strips, and it may become necessary to limit the number of entries in particular events. Pre-register online at and look to see who else is coming, or register by mail, email or telephone. Payment can be made upon arrival.

Venue: Birmingham Fencing Club.
For driving directions, go to
There are many places to eat nearby.

If you are having trouble finding the venue on the day of the tournament, call (205)515-3902 or the Club (205)823-4448.

For additional information on the Birmingham Fencing Club and a full schedule of our tournaments for this season, please visit our website at (not all tournaments have been posted on


Youth 10 and Youth 12 fencers MUST have fenced in at least one RYC to be eligible to enter any NAC Youth Tournament or Summer Nationals in July 2008

It is anticipated that there will be separate mens and womens events in each weapon and each age group. Events may be combined into one mixed event if there are fewer than 6 fencers of either gender present at the close of registration.

Y10 fencers must use blades that are no longer than 32.5 inches (i.e., blades that are designated a "0" or "2" under the internationally recognized lengths). Weapon length will be tested prior to competition.

Tournament format will be pools to five points, used to establish seeding to the direct elimination (DE). DE bouts will be conducted as they are at a NAC. For Y10 and Y12, the winner of the DE bouts is the best 2 out of 3 five-touch bouts. For Y14, the DE bouts are 15 touches (three 3-minute periods, with a 1-minute rest between periods).

To fence Y14, you must have been born in 1993-1996, unless you are on the Y12 national point standings. To fence Y12, you must have been born in 1995-1998, unless you are on the Y10 national point standings. To fence Y10, you must have been born in 1997-2000.

Entry Form
/ / Male / / Female
Birth Date ____________Age________
USFA Number_________________

Foil - rating and year _____
Epee - rating and year_____
Sabre - rating and year_____

Event (indicate applicable fee):
Senior Mixed Epee - $_____
D & Under Senior Mixed Epee - $_____
Senior Mixed Saber - $_____
D & Under Senior Mixed Saber - $_____
Senior Mixed Foil - $_____
D & Under Mixed Foil - $_____
Y10 Mens Foil - $_____
Y10 Womens Foil - $_____
Y10 Mens Epee - $_____
Y10 Womens Epee - $_____
Y10 Mens Sabre - $_____
Y10 Womens Sabre -$_____
Y12 Mens Foil - $_____
Y12 Womens Foil - $_____
Y12 Mens Epee - $_____
Y12 Womens Epee - $_____
Y12 Mens Sabre - $_____
Y12 Womens Sabre -$_____
Y14 Mens Foil - $_____
Y14 Womens Foil - $_____
Y14 Mens Epee - $_____
Y14 Womens Epee - $_____
Y14 Mens Sabre - $_____
Y14 Womens Sabre -$_____

TOTAL FEES - $_____

I hereby waive and release all rights and claims for damages I may have against the Birmingham Fencing Club, the United States Fencing Association, the officials, managers, sponsors, and other participants from any and all liabilities arising from illness, losses, injuries or damages I may suffer as a result of my participation in this fencing tournament. I attest and verify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for this competition. I further waive all rights to any photographs, videotapes, recordings or any other recording of this event for any purpose.

Signature (if under 18, parent or guardian must sign) _______________________________________________________Date____________

Consent for Medical Treatment
I understand and appreciate that participation in the sport of fencing carries a risk to me of serious injury, including permanent paralysis or death. I give my consent to representatives of the Birmingham Fencing Club to obtain medical care from physicians, clinics or hospitals for any illness and/or injury that could arise during this fencing tournament.
Name of Person to contact in an emergency

Signature (if under 18, parent or guardian must sign) __________________________________________
Phone No._____________________________ Date___________