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Atlanta Fencers Club Youth Event Feb 14, 2009
Atlanta Fencers Club: East Point, GA
posted 01/20/2009
More Info
Atlanta Fencers Club Youth Events

Events Scheduled 2/14/09
12:00 Y10 Mixed Epee
12:00 Y10 Mixed Foil
3:00 Y12 Mixed Epee
3:00 Y12 Mixed Foil
12:00 Y14 Mixed Epee
12:00 Y14 Mixed Foil

Preregistration opens on 01/20/2009.
Preregistration closes on 02/13/2009.

Times listed are the close of registration time. Fencing should begin approximately 20 minutes after the close of registration.

Cost: $20 registration fee for the first event. $15 registration fee for each additional event

If you need to withdraw, please remove your entry from askfred or email
•All fencers must be current USFA members, and will need to show proof of membership, either by card or by fax from the USFA. (Alternatively, a fencer may be a member in good standing of another National Federation or a current FIE license holder.) You may renew your USFA membership or join at the tournament. Fencers under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian signature (not a coach) on their USFA membership form (if renewing or joining at the tournament) and on the tournament entry form.
•Mask punch test will be performed prior to competition, and there will be weight/shim tests for all weapons brought onto the fencing strip. You MUST wear a plastron. No sweatpants will be permitted.
•All USFA rules apply. At the end of each bout, fencers are required to sign pool sheets and DE slips before leaving the strip. USFA rules will be enforced throughout the competition.
•Y10 fencers MUST use blades that are no longer than 32.5” (i.e., blades that are designated a "0" or "2" under the internationally recognized lengths). Weapon length will be checked by the Referee.

•Tournament format will be pools with bouts to five points, 100% advance to the direct elimination (DE). DE bouts will be conducted as they are at a NAC. For Y10 and Y12, the winner of the DE bouts is the best 2 out of 3 five-touch bouts. For Y14, the DE bouts are 15 touches (three 3-minute periods, with a 1-minute rest between periods).

•To fence Y14, you must have been born in 1994-1997, unless you are on the Y12 national point standings. To fence Y12, you must have been born in 1996-1999, unless you are on the Y10 national point standings. To fence Y10, you must have been born in 1998-2001.

If you have any questions, please contact Maitre Gene Gettler at the Atlanta FC, 404/762-7666, or email him at

Directions to the Atlanta Fencers’ Club: From I-75/85 take 166 West (Langford Pkwy, 2 miles below I-20). Take 3rd exit (Fort MacPherson/East Point) Make two quick right turns, puts you on U.S. 29 South. Go 8/10 mile to Krystal, turn right on Lawrence St after the Krystal. Go to 3rd block on right,, turn right onto Nabell Ave. AFC is on right hand corner of Lawrence and Nabell.

Hotel recommendations. On Virginia Ave. in College Park (5 minutes from the venue): Drury Inn, Red Roof Inn, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn.



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In consideration of being permitted to participate in the 2008 Atlanta Regional Youth Circuit, I waive any and all claims for myself, my heirs, agents or dependents, against the Atlanta Fencers’ Club, and all sponsors, organizers and officials of this event, for any loss, damage, or injury (including death) which may directly or indirectly result from my participation in this event. I further represent that I am in proper physical condition to participate in this event, that I understand the risks inherent to my participation in this event, and that I freely accept those risks. I have read the terms of this waiver or have had them read to me and fully understand these terms.


If Participant is under the age of 18: I have read the terms of this waiver or have had them read to me, and by my signature hereto acknowledge the applicability of this waiver to any potential claims which could be asserted by or on behalf of my child due to his/her participation in this event.

Parent’s signature___________________________________________________________Date___________________