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Olympia D'Artagnan's Challenge 3B (Y10 Epee) Feb 25, 2024
Check-in at the office at 1:45 PM. Events start at 2:00 PM. Medals for the top 4, ribbons for the top 8. The Series winner is awarded the trophy. For OFC students only
Olympia Fencing Center: Cambridge, MA
posted 05/25/2023
More Info
This is the third of five series for Y10 Men's & Women's Epee!
Y10 Birth Years: 2013-2016

Please note that this tournament is intended for beginner fencers who have fenced for under two years and have yet to start competing outside of the club

For Olympia non-members only:
- At least non-competitive USFA membership is required and will be verified at the door.
- Please bring proof of birth, if not on your USFA card.
- Bring the attached waiver.

The events will run simultaneously, starting at 2:00 PM.

Please note events will be mixed if there are less than 6 participants in one of the events.

Cost: $25 online.

Medals will be awarded for top 4 and ribbons to the top 8. Points will be awarded to all. The winner of the series will receive a Grand Prize in form of a trophy at the end of the competition.

Events Scheduled:
Y10 Men's Epee
Y10 Women's Epee

Please Note: The tournament will be live streamed to our YouTube Channel, Olympia Fencing Center. Limited spectators.

Email: for any questions.

Preregistration closes on 2/23/2023.