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Holy Grail 2023 Mar 25, 2023
Wiegand Gymnasium: Pittsburgh, PA
posted 11/29/2022
More Info
CMU Fencing cordially invites you to participate in the Holy Grail 2023 Three-Weapon Team Tournament!

Tournament: Holy Grail 2023
Date: 03/25/2023
Location: Wiegand Gym, Jared L. Cohon University Center, Carnegie Mellon University

Venue opens at 9:00 AM

Entry Fee: $60

Event | Date | Registration Closes (UPDATED 11/29)
Mixed Team Foil | Sat 3/25 | 10:00AM
Mixed Team Epee | Sat 3/25 | 12:00PM
Mixed Team Saber | Sat 3/25 | 3:00PM

**COVID Vaccination will be required for all competitors and spectators

-- Preregistration (via the FRED page or e-mail to "") is MANDATORY!
-Any teams that fail to pre-register before the pre-registration cut-off (11:59 PM EDT on Friday, March 24, 2023) will not be permitted to participate.
-- Alterations to a registered team (including changing the team name or substitution of a fencer) may be allowed until 11:59PM EDT on March 24, 2023.

-- A maximum of TWO (2) teams per club per weapon will be allowed to fence, to limit the size of the tournament.

***There will be an overall cap of 16 TEAMS PER WEAPON. If the cap has been reached and you would still like to participate, you may email your team name, the names of its members, and club to to be put on a waitlist.***

-- Based on pre-registration and referee commitments, this cap may be adjusted or lifted nearer to the date of the competition.

The tournament will consist of one poule round and one DE round. The poule round will be rally to 15, where each team assigns an A, B, and C fencer who will fence their respective fencer on the other team. The DE format will be standard Olympic rally format, where each fencer fences every other member of the opposing team in a rally to 45.

-- All teams must be composed of no fewer than three individual fencers, and no more than four individual fencers.
-- Double-entering will not be permitted - no individual fencer may be a member of more than one team, and no team may enter more than one event.
-- CMU Fencing requests that clubs and teams exercise tact and "common sense" in selecting team names - team names that contain overt offensive material (subject to the judgement of CMU Fencing; examples may include but are not limited to: profanities, excessive lewdness, national/ethnic/racial/sexual/etc slurs, defamation directed at individuals and/or organizations, and so on) are subject to change.

-- All teams will advance into the DE round.

-- Full fencing attire (including plastron, knickers, and long socks) must be worn by all participating fencers.
-- Use of a mask with a conductive bib in foil is required.
-- Use of a mask with a conductive bib is prohibited in epee, unless the conductive surfaces are completely and thoroughly covered in a resilient insulating material (e.g. heavy tape, such as duct tape).
-- Use of a mask with a transparent visor is prohibited in all events.
-- NEW 2018 female foilists will be required to wear the padded chest protectors according to USFA rules.
-- NEW 2023 P-cards will be awarded for non-combativity after one (1) minute of no touches according to FIE rules.

--Seeding will be based on USFA Points/Classifications of individual team members.

-- Each participating club is expected to bring AT LEAST one (1) fully-functional scoring set (composed of one functioning scoring machine, two (2) functioning floor cords, two (2) functioning reels, and one reasonably long extension cord).
-- Each participating club is also encouraged to bring a certified referee. Please send information if you plan on bringing someone. Referees will be compensated accordingly.

-- The epee event may be self-refereed for round of poules if refs are not available.

-- The entry fee is $60 per team and will be payable via (preferably) cash or check (payable to 'CMU Fencing Club') at the check-in/bout committee table.

-- Lastly, we ask that all teams keep their bags and spectators organized. Our space is, once again, limited, and we cannot have people or objects in the way of the fencers or referees. You will be angrily notified if your area is not neat.

-- CMU Fencing reserves the right to modify these rules as we learn more about who is coming and what other limitations might affect the tournament. Those who signed up will be notified of changes via email, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

There is free parking on weekends in the CMU East Campus Garage. We suggest you park there and then proceed to the University Center.
For additional parking information, please see:

"Who's Coming" Page:

Preregistration Page:

Preregistration closes on March 24th, 2022