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Front Range Fencing Member: Cadet - Vet Tournament Nov 17, 2022 - Dec 1, 2022
A fun FRFC member only tournament. Open to all members with electrical gear. Pre-registration required. All entries see the MORE INFO tab. Pools only on 11/17, followed by Direct Elimination on 12/1. Coach permission to fence up. One event per-fencer.
Chinook Trail Elementary School: Colorado Springs,: Colorado Springs, CO
posted 10/03/2022
More Info
This is a fun FRFC member only tournament. Pre-registration is required.

All entries read carefully.

Pre-registration opens on 10/5/2022
Pre-registration closes on 11/9/2022

All fencers report at 6:00pm. Check-in closes 6:15pm.

Mask, epee and glove inspection at check in.
Since this is a club member only tournament fencing clothing is the same as for practice. We ask fencers with knickers to please wear them.

Awards for first, second and third place fencers in each age group.

This event is free to all current month FRFC membership.
NOTE age is as of 1/1/23
Only one event per fencer.
Fencers may "fence up" in age groups with coach permission.
Cadet(Under 17)
Junior (Under 20)
Senior (20 and up)
Vet 50 (50 and up)

Spectators are requested to stay in the normal green area. Spectators may bring a small folding lawn chair for seating. No seating is to be removed from any hall or classroom. Thank you. No food or drink (other than water) allowed in the gym.

Volunteers are highly encouraged. Parents/partners can learn to keep score and time. Contact Coach Kathryn. This is a great way to learn how fencing competitions will run. Information on competition, seeding and scoring is available in the member handbook on the FRFC website.