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9th Annual Duel in the Hills Nov 5, 2022
$20 first event, $10 extra for each additional event. USA Fencing Membership reqd. Visitors require a signed Assumption of Risk form. See "More Info".
Ohio University Ping Center, Athens Ohio: Athens, OH
posted 09/20/2022
More Info
Visiting Assumption of Risk Form!
All visitors will need to sign an Ohio University Club Sports Assumption of Risk Form. Anyone under 18 needs this signed by their parents! The form can be found as the last page of the Visiting Club Guide at the link below. The guide has some useful information about the area. As far as the form is concerned, fill in the home club as the visiting school and fencing as the club sport. The date/location will be April 2/Ohio University, Ping Center. Ignore the visiting president information.

If you do not have the form signed by a parent and are under 18, the facility will not allow you to fence.

Anyone 18 or older can sign the form on the day of the tournament.

Registration Payment Method
In the last year student organizations at Ohio University have gone cashless. Unlike
most of the fencing tournaments we've ever been to, we can't take cash!

The payment system is called Recshop, and you will need to set up an account as a community member.
On the plus side, you can now pay by credit card. Click
(Link still being set up) to access the system.
The first event is $20. If registering for more than one event, it is $10 per extra event. Refunds will be available if for some reason you can't make it.

Events and Equipment
The Senior Events are USFA sanctioned. USFA membership is required as well as the standard fencing uniform (plastrons required, knickers required, FIE gloves for Sabre are required as of October 2015).

The NEW chest protector requirements are also in effect for foil. Chest protection for foil fencers must be covered by a soft material applies to ALL chest protection, regardless of style. USA Fencing News Article:

Facility and Parking
The event will be held in the Ping Recreational Center on the beautiful Ohio University Campus in Athens, OH (okay, we're biased!). Ping is on South side of campus along South Green Drive. Enter through the main doors, tell them you're with the fencing tournament, and turn left to Gym C.

PARKING: All parking in Dark Green and Purple lots is free on Weekends EXCEPT those spaces marked with a sign that says Pay by Plate. The Pay by Plate spots are paid at a local machine and are monitored 24/7. A parking map can be found at There is a link to a pdf version. Ping Recreational Center is Building 91 (H-7) on the map.
Lots 87 and 93 are the most convenient, but double check for "Pay by Plate" signs. Lots 133 (Walter Fieldhouse), 132 (Stadium) and 134 (Walter Hall) are all fair game with the exception of labelled pay spots.

You can show up as early as 8AM to get in and settled.
Registration and equipment check will start about 8:40.

Events Scheduled:
Senior Mixed Saber (9AM)
Senior Mixed Foil (11AM)
Senior Mixed Epee (2PM)