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Olympian Fencing Studio Saber Tournament Oct 2, 2022
Awesome saber tournament at OFS! Two chances to earn a rating, plus Y12. No registration fee, $40 per event. Fencers can fence multiple events if they qualify! Pre-reg closes 10/1.
Olympian Fencing Studio: Wilton, CT
posted 08/18/2022
More Info
Come compete in the March OFS Saber Tournament! No registration fee, $40 per event!

Schedule of Events:

10am Y12 Mixed Saber (Maximum 18 Fencers)

12:30pm E & Under Mixed Saber (Maximum 18 Fencers)

3:00pm Unrated Men's Saber (Maximum 10 Fencers)

3:00pm Unrated Women's Saber (Maximum 10 Fencers)

Possible ratings awarded in the E & Under and Unrated events depending on turnout. Fencers are welcome to fence multiple events as long as they qualify.

Since our club is small, please, only one spectator per fencer for this event. We may expand that in the future, but we'd like to ensure that the day runs smoothly. We appreciate your patience.

Fencers must be current USFA members to compete. You can visit to sign up if you are not a current member.

Fencers are required to have full and complete USFA equipment and gear to participate, including, but not limited to, at least two working weapons, 2 body cords 2 head cords, an underarm protector, and a chest protector for female athletes. For a full list of required equipment, consult the USFA Athlete Packet or email the organizer of this tournament.

Format will be pools to direct elimination with 100% promotion. We will try our best to start on time so please, show up about an hour before close of registration to check in and warm up.

We may mix men's and women's events if there aren't enough competitors in one or both events. By the same token, we may split mixed events if we have enough participants in each gender, and the fencers wish to do so. We will always consult the fencers first for their input, no one will be forced to do anything.

Plenty of restaurants nearby and things to do in town. Wilton is a lovely area. Any questions, please don't hesitate to email the organizer.