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2022 BFC Season Kick-Off Aug 27, 2022 - Aug 28, 2022
Warm-up event to prepare fencers for the 2022-2023 Local, Regional, and National Season. Registration fee $20, Event fee $25. Check more information for details.
Birmingham Fencing Club: Hoover, AL
posted 08/01/2022
More Info
This tournament has been sanctioned by the Alabama Division of USA Fencing.

Please direct any tournament questions to
For additional information on the Birmingham Fencing Club:
For a map of our location, go to

Times listed are the close of registration time. Doors will open an hour before first event close of registration 8:00 AM Saturday and 11:00 AM Sunday (central) Fencing should begin approximately 15 minutes after the close of registration.

UPDATED: Events Scheduled:

Saturday, August 27th
Y12 Mixed Foil - 9:00 AM
Open Mixed Foil - 9:00 AM
Y10 Mixed Foil - 11:30 AM
Y14 Mixed Foil - 11:30 AM
Div3 Mixed Foil - 2:30 PM

Sunday, August 28th
Open Mixed Epee - 12:00 PM
Div2 Mixed Epee - 2:30 PM

COVID-19 Policy as set by USA Fencing:
All spectators, fencers, staff, and referees are required to wear masks at all times. Fencers may remove their masks only while actively fencing and must replace them immediately after the conclusion of their bout.

Tournament Format.:
All events will include a minimum of 1 round of pools with 100% of the fencers promoted to a direct elimination tableau.

Y10 Fencers:
Y10 fencers must use blades that are no longer than 32.5 inches (i.e., blades that are designated a "0" or "2" under the internationally recognized lengths). Weapon length will be tested prior to competition.

Foil Fencers wearing chest protectors must have padding with FIE approval mark.

Fencers wearing Leon Paul masks with the comfort disk must have secondary neck strap.

Regular Fee Entry Deadline (8/26/2022) = $20 (registration fee) + $25 per event

Entries at the door will be charged a $25 late registration fee.

PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT: A-rated fencers fence for free, and B-rated fencers' registration fee is waived!

Bring proof of current US Fencing competitive membership, or join USA Fencing on site.

All fencers must be current USA Fencing Access Level Membership, and will need to show proof of membership, either by card or by fax or email from USA Fencing. (Alternatively, a fencer may be a member in good standing of another National Federation or a current FIE license holder.) You may renew your USA Fencing membership or join at the tournament. Forms will be available at the tournament, or can be downloaded from the USA Fencing website at If you do not have your USA Fencing card with you when checking in, and we cannot verify membership from the web site, you will be required to complete a new form and pay the annual fee. The form and payment will be returned to you upon proof of membership subsequent to the tournament.

Mask checks will be performed prior to competition, and there will be weight/shim tests for all weapons brought onto the fencing strip. You MUST wear a plastron, and pants/knickers that conform to USA Fencing guidelines. No sweatpants will be permitted. Correct length of socks also required. All chest protectors used in foil events must have FIE padding.

All USA Fencing rules apply. At the end of each bout, fencers are required to sign pool sheets and DE slips before leaving the strip and rules will be enforced throughout the competition.

Youth Fencers must have a parent or guardian signature (not a coach) on the tournament entry form AND on their USFA membership form (if renewing or joining at the tournament)