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2022 Charles Selberg Memorial Open Aug 13, 2022
The Fargo Park District is proud to sponsor this free, non-sanctioned foil fencing tournament in Fargo, to bring fencers together for a fun introduction to competitive, electric foil fencing.
Southwest Youth Arena: Fargo, ND
posted 07/20/2022
More Info

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Mixed Foil 10:00am

* Face masks are REQUIRED for non-vaccinated participants and spectators (this is in line with current policy at regional, national, and international fencing events

* This tournament is free
* This is a non-sanctioned fencing tournament, but we will be following USFA rules
* On-site registration closes at 10:00am

* Please arrive no later than 9:30am, so that you can:

1. check in
2. sign a waiver
3. get your mask checked
4. warm up
5. begin shortly after 10:00am

* Friends and family and spectators are welcome
* A waiver must be signed by all participants during check-in
* All events will be fenced as a single round of pools with 100% promoted to direct-elimination
* There will be no fence-off for third place
* We will be running on a strict schedule, so your promptness is much appreciated
* This fencing event is open to everyone, and no membership of any kind is required
* The Fargo Park District is proud to sponsor this free, non-sanctioned foil fencing tournament in Fargo, to bring fencers together for a fun introduction to competitive, electric foil fencing.

---------- VENUE INFORMATION ----------

The tournament will be held at:

* Southwest Youth Arena in Fargo, ND

* 4404 23rd Avenue SW, Fargo, ND 58104

* Parking is free

---------- REGISTRATION INFORMATION ----------

* Please preregister for this event so that organizers can plan accordingly, thank you!

* You can preregister for this event by clicking on the link above

---------- TOURNAMENT RULES ----------

* This is a non-sanctioned fencing tournament, no USFA ratings will be awarded
* COVID: Face masks are OPTIONAL for fully-vaccinated participants
* COVID: Face masks are REQUIRED for non-vaccinated participants
* Fencing uniform is required, including regulation mask, jacket, lame, glove, and non-marking shoes
* MASKS: A mask with a lame bib is NOT required
* MASKS: Fencers may wear masks that have a lame bib, but they may not use tape to cover the conductive part of the bib (for safety reasons)
* LAMES: Names and countries are NOT required on the backs of lames or on uniforms anywhere
* CHEST PROTECTORS: The rule for chest protection for foil fencers being covered by a soft material normally applies to ALL chest protection, regardless of style, at USFA-sanctioned events, but for this tournament, chest protectors are not required to be covered by a soft material
* CHEST PROTECTORS: Chest protectors must be worn underneath the underarm protector
* Bouts will be self-refereed (i.e. experienced fencers who are not fencing at the time, and who are comfortable with refereeing may referee bouts)

---------- PRIZES----------

* Medals will be awarded to the top 4 finalists in two separate sections

---------- EQUIPMENT CHECK ----------

* Please arrive early to allow time for equipment checks.
* Mask inspections and mask punch tests will be conducted during check-in
* Glove inspections will be conducted on the strip by referees

---------- NEARBY HOTELS ----------

* Holiday Inn Fargo
3803 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103

* Ramada by Wyndham Fargo
3333 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103

* Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Fargo, ND
3316 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103

---------- FOR MORE INFORMATION ----------

* Please contact Jason Schoenack 701-306-0815

* Fargo Park District Fencing

---------- ABOUT CHARLES SELBERG ----------

Charles Alan Palmer Selberg passed away in good humor on March 9, 2012 at the age of 81. He was born in Grand Forks, ND on August 2, 1930. Selberg received his Maitre D'Armes from the Federation International D'Escrime in 1967. In addition to being a fencing master, Selberg was also an abstract, post-impressionist painter. He has a painting in the permanent collection at Minnesota State University Moorhead in Moorhead, MN, and also one at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. On the side of the McCormick building in downtown Fargo, ND is a restored version of his infamous sign painting of 'The Cowboy' that he originally painted in 1949 (commissioned by Sunny Brook Whiskey). Charles had a particular fondness for gorillas. A sign painter, cartoonist and an artist, Selberg moved to California in 1952, where he received Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine of Arts degrees from San Francisco State University. Selberg taught art in San Francisco and fell in love with fencing in the early 1950's. Fencing first took root in North Dakota in 1960, when Charles moved from San Francisco, where he was the head coach at the San Francisco School of Fencing (run by John McDougall), back to Fargo, ND, where he then founded North Dakota's first fencing school, the Selberg Fencing Academy, which he operated there between 1960 and 1966. The Selberg Fencing Academy (SFA) was originally located at 54 1/2 North 5th St. in Fargo, but was moved in 1965 to the Fargo Arena building in Island Park in Fargo. Selberg thought that fencing would do well in Fargo because of the long cold winters that forced many people there indoors for physical activity. Fencing competitions in Fargo during that time (including many dual matches between Minneapolis and Fargo) were held either at the SFA or at Moorhead State University (MSU), in MSU's large gym. Between 1960 and 1966, the North Dakota division grew to become the 4th-largest fencing division in the country, and SFA fencers won three Midwest Championships, a Chicagoland Open Championship, and finished in the Top 10 at the U.S. National Championships in Women's Foil two years in a row. In 1966, Selberg returned to San Francisco and taught fencing at the famous Halberstadt Fencer's Club, and also began his 16-year career teaching fencing at the University of California at Santa Cruz (where he was a tenured member of the eminent faculty of Cowell College). Known affectionately as Mr. Natural among fencers at the University of California at Santa Cruz, due to his engaging approach to teaching fencing, Maestro Selberg was revered for his keen psychological and strategic insights into the game. His ability to teach quality fencing to large groups of students was a tribute to his deep knowledge of the sport, his creative abilities, and his tremendous sense of humor. The fencing masters that taught Charles formed his impressive fencing lineage: German-born Eric Funke, American-born Jack Nottingham (taught by Aldo Nadi), and Hungarian-born Olympic champion George Pillar (taught by Laszlo Borsody and Italo Santelli). His years working with Hans Halberstadt also left a profound impression on Charles' teaching. In 1970, Selberg was a member of the only U.S. foil team to ever win a gold medal at the World Masters Championships. Named one of the 'Great Fencing Masters in History', Charles was the author of the renowned books 'Foil' (1976) and 'Revised Foil' (1993). After retiring from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1982, Selberg moved to Ashland, Oregon where he resumed the Selberg Fencing Academy and created an extensive series of instructional fencing videos and DVDs ( Master Selberg taught that the greatest benefits that we get from fencing are health and recreation.