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Open Mixed Aged Teams & Y12 Open II Aug 6, 2022
USFA membership not required but recommended. USFA rules will apply. Ages from 8 yrs and up. Walk ins are welcomed but you gatta see da Special Man!
First Unitarian Church, New Orleans, LA: New Orleans, LA
posted 07/14/2022
More Info
All USA rules apply

Because teams is not a USAFencing rate able event membership is not required but highly recommended.

A team will consist of three fencers in one weapon.
Wheel chair fencers are welcomed to fence. All able body fencers will fence seated against wheelies.

A team can be made prior to the event or team will be pulled from a mask 10 minutes before the close of registration. Team format will try to be comprised of a youth, a senior and a veteran fencer.
Once teams are picked each team must pick a captain who will present the team name to the tournament manager.

If there is not enough fencers to make up three teams at the time of the tournament. The fencers will have a choice to fence either a two team bout or an open tournament. If this is the case all fencers must be competitive USFA members to be a sanctioned rated event.

Walk ins are welcomed w/ a $20 late fee if placement is available.

Events Scheduled:

Mixed Team Foil    Aug 6  9:30AM 
Mixed Team Saber   Aug 6 12:00PM
Mixed Team Epee    Aug 6 1:15PM

Preregistration closes on Friday, 9th, at midnight, CT