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RCFC Thursday Night Veteran Foil Jun 16, 2022
Just added to the calendar: Veterans Foil.
Rain City Fencing Center: Bellevue, WA
posted 05/17/2022
More Info
FRED Announces the RCFC Thursday Night Veterans Foil

Just added to our calendar: Veterans Foil!

------------------ Important Info: -------------------

Tournament: RCFC Thursday Night Veterans Foil
Date(s): 06/16/2022
Location: Rain City Fencing Center

REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 7:30 P.M. Fencing will begin shortly thereafter.

Entry fee is $30.

Current (2021-2022) USA Fencing membership is required. A Competitive membership or the new Access level membership is sufficient. We will verify membership online the day of the tournament. Please join or renew your membership online before you show up!

All fencers and spectators must wear face coverings at all times, including while fencing, regardless of vaccination status. The exception is while drinking water during a DE break. Fencers are required to salute after each bout, but may tap blades in lieu of a handshake.

Full regulation uniform, including underarm protector, fencing pants and long socks, is required.

All foil fencers at all competition levels must have masks with conductive bibs. RCFC has electric foil masks, mask cords, and retrofit kits for BG "Olympic" masks available for sale.

Foil fencers who wear a hard plastic chest protector must use an FIE-approved padded protector. We expect to have a limited quantity of the new protectors available for sale. Chest protectors are still required for female fencers, optional for male fencers.

Event format is one round of pools, 100% promotion to direct elimination. Medals will be awarded to the top 4 finishers.

Age eligibility: This tournament is open to fencers born in 1982 or earlier.

------------------ To Preregister: ------------------
Preregistration closes on 06/16/2022

Note: Entries are limited to 30 fencers. If you have preregistered and are unable to attend, please cancel your registration so that another fencer can take your spot.