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The Jeux De Pomme Legacy Tournament May 27, 2022 - May 29, 2022
In (living) honor of Brendan Robertson, OFF would like to continue with what Coach Brendan has started. The annual May tournament, the Jeux De Pomme. This year our tournaments will be unsanctioned.
Winfield Memorial Hall: Lake Country, BC
posted 05/02/2022
More Info

Administration Fee: $25 per Fencer (paid once)

$30 per events.

Apple Pie Sword Draw - In recognition of what Brendan started there will be apples with swords stuck in them. Pull out a broken sword and win an apple pie. $2 per pull or 3 for $5.

Any of the mixed events will be separated by gender if there are 6 or more athletes of each gender.

All fees can be paid any time of the weekend of the event. Payment methods include:

Cash, check (made out to O.F.F.) or an e-transfer to (You can pay the full amount when registering for your first event please.)

Events Scheduled:

Friday Evening:

Mixed Novice 11+ 6:30pm We will break the registrants into groups based on age, and skill level to make it a fun, but fair event.


Y10 Mixed Epee - 9:00am
Y14 Girls Epee - 9:30am
Y12 Mixed Epee - 11:45am
Junior Mixed Epee - 2:15pm
Senior Womens Epee - 4:45pm


Mixed Epee Vet- 8:30am
Senior Mens Epee - 10:00am
Cadet Mixed - 1:00pm
Y14 Boys 3:30pm

Preregistration opens on 05/02/2022.
Preregistration closes on 05/29/2022.