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Harrisburg Div Qualifiers 2022 May 21, 2022
Y/14/Div 2/Div 3 qualifier for Summer Nationals in Minneapolis, Minnesota July 2nd-11th 2022. All participants MUST preregister on AskFred. No walkons allowed. Pre-registration closes on 5/14/22
West Shore YMCA: Camp Hill, PA
posted 04/25/2022
More Info
This is a QUALIFYING event ONLY.
Only members of the Harrisburg Division may participate in this qualifier.

IMPORTANT: qualification paths for 2022 Y14, Div 2, Div 3 and VET Summer Nationals have changed. Please review the information at carefully. If you have questions about qualifying paths or are unsure about whether you have already qualified through national or regional points, or through other means please contact the National Office.

Preregistration opens on 4/25/22.
Preregistration closes on 5/14/22.

You must pre-register for this event, no walk-ons allowed! Events are capped per Covid restrictions.

An individual event (ex: Y-14 Mens Foil) will be cancelled if 3 or less fencers preregister for that event. Fencers preregistered for cancelled events will automatically qualify for Nationals.

Preregistered fencers will be notified of any cancellations no later than 5/17/22.

Event times are subject to change. Final times for all events will be shared via email from fred no later than 5/17/22.

$30 entry fee due at the time of the event via cash or check made payable to the Harrisburg Division.

Must be a current competitive member of the USFA prior to preregistering on AskFred.

NOTE: Once the Qualifying Report has been sent to the USFA on 5/22/22, there will be no additional fencers added to the report.

All fencers must present proof of current USFA and Harrisburg Division membership at check-in (membership card printed out or stored as a picture on your phone). Fencers whose date of birth is not verified (see your membership card) may bring proof of age (birth certificate, driver’s license, passport) to check-in, and that information will be forwarded to the National Office.

All fencers must have the necessary equipment in conformance with USFA rules and in good condition. Equipment will not be supplied by the host or the Division. Chest protectors used by foil fencers must be covered in soft material and must be worn below the plastron. All sabre gloves must meet the 800 NM standard.


All USFA health and safety rules will be enforced. All persons in the venue, including fencers, coaches, referees, and tournament officials must wear a suitable mask, covering the mouth and nose at all times, including while on-strip regardless of vaccination status (Group 1 penalty). Continued failure to comply with any of these requirements is a Group 3 penalty, which may result in exclusion from the competition.

Fencers, coaches, and officials should not enter the venue if they have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of respiratory infection; if they have had a positive COVID-19 test in the preceding 10 day; or if they have been in close contact with a person who was positive for COVID-19 in the preceding 10 days. Fencers who are prevented from competing in the various qualifying events due to COVID-19 restrictions will be able to petition for entry to the National Championships. Petitions are handled by the National Office, not the Division.